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Sorry–just had to headline it that way. Saw the new Beowulf movie, in 3D no less. Pretty awesome–and frickin’ hysterical, too. 🙂 Beowulf’s proclivity to shout his own name many a time throughout was one thing that had me giggling. I’m thinking: “Okay, we know your name already–heck it’s the title of your movie, geesh…”

All that shouting kinda reminded me of Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in “300.” Then again, Butler was in a rendition of Beowulf himself. Funny how that all works out. At least here there’s some excuse for some sort of British accent (though not really–the poem was actually written in Old English…).

Just for fun, see:

Mock Middle English Banner

(Note that that is actually more of a Middle English banner)

But part of that (over-the-top shouting, etc.) was in the way the story was written, and that Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary were trying to bring more to the story than just an heroic epic. Right now, I’m mixed in my feelings about how well that worked out, though on the whole, I’d say it was mighty entertaining, with some pretensions of trying to give a murky message about hubris… or something.


Now I’ve got to go work out and beat up on something, for some reason… 🙂


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Cuts me up

Best culinary song, ever.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s oh-dark-thirty right now as I do my last loading of the del Sol, before heading out to see the fam for Thanksgiving. Pretty much my favorite holiday. Get to see folks, eat good, maybe a little hunting, and still a fairly safe, straight-forward trip over the mountains, as opposed to later in the year with blizzards and ice storms and such.

This is a special one this year, as me and my primary college roommates (Rich, J.W., and Scott) will hopefully be able to get together and celebrate Rich’s retirement from the US Air Force (which I will be M.C.-ing). Safe travels, guys!

Take care, All–Happy Thanksgiving! And I’ll see you in a few.

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Live or Memorex?

Here’s a nice short film I came across on YouTube:


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Nice little workout tonight. Again, after my more-and-more habitual day intermittent fasting, but before breaking the fast, I hit the kettlebells.

Simple, quick, hardy. Started off with stick (and a bit of bag), then did the five minute Turkish Get Up drill. Five minutes of free play (jogging, abs, etc.), then a five minute long cycle clean and jerk.

After that, did 3×3 of light deadlifts with the Oly bar and discs. In other words, three sets of three reps. Light because I was only using what was already on the bar–177lbs. Each set was a different variation; first set–Romanian, second–Sumo, third–conventional. See here for a page that conveniently lists all three with photos.

I finished off with 3×1 of cleans with same weight. That is, I did three sets of only one repetition. The first one I went ahead and continued on into the press, making it a clean and press.

Cooled down a little bit, then headed over to the Y for steam, sauna, and jacuzzi. I think you’ll be able to find my mountain Lair by the heat signature; basically it’ll be simply a support system for a sauna and jacuzzi 🙂 .

So, I’ve been a sandal guy for a long time, since I was a kid. I remember my dad getting us those sandals made from tire tread, which we thought were the neatest things ev-ah (even if the rivets holding the straps together wore holes in my skin…).

When my brother brought back some Tevas from Wyoming, I became a Teva man. Been one ever since.

Until now. Looks like I might give them up. A few weeks ago, I came across some Keens at the local Gander Mountain. I knew my bro had a pair of the shoes, and had mentioned some things about them, about how they’re made to be recyclable and from some recycled materials. So I tried some on (the “Briggs” in “Field/Bracken”). Funky looking–but really, really, really comfortable.

I did some online research and lo, they started off as soley (no pun intended 🙂 ) a sandal maker, then expanded into a variety of shoes. The originator, Martin Keen left the company to start another one, Mion. Anyway, the original idea was that Keen is a competitive sailor, loved Tevas, but wanted something to protect his toes, so invented a sandal and company to do that–Keen.

Well, I liked the shoes so much that I decided to give the sandal a try. They had the original there at the store, so that’s what I got. I was actually looking for the ones like my bro has, but they didn’t have it. Oh, well.

Ok, I like the sandal (the “Newport” in “Bison”). It’s a little funky getting used to sandals with toes. I mean, I had some pretty sophisticated Tevas, but never any of the ones with closed toes. These are okay, though, and look pretty good. They use a waterproof leather for the straps, and it looks a little more… I dunno, maybe put-together or something, almost like dress sandals, as opposed to the Tevas I had, which were all about being a water rat.

And another thing–these things seem a bit heavy and maybe a little stiff. And heavy toward the toe, as opposed to the Teva feel, which was lighter, with the weight balanced more evenly (fewer straps and no toe, of course). Well, I’ll live with them a while. I do like them, and feel better walking around in wet conditions. Supposed to be the Teva strong point, but if the footbed got the littlest bit wet, then I would slide all around in them. I wore the Keens over to the Y in the rain, and probably still had moist feet getting dressed after the shower, and no slidage. Wonderful. Maybe the closed toe helped with that, too…

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Flying WV
All right! My cousin Ron was in DC this week for some training with his company. Brother Dave and I met him on Tuesday; we ended up meeting at Finn’s, then went to dinner at The Ugly Mug. Mmmm–good pizza…

Ron said he was going to head into Morgantown for the game on Thursday night. Haven’t called him yet to check out if he made it, though I’m sure he did.

In any case, WVU beat Louisville. Woo hooo! Lets’ goooooo Mountaineers! It was a good thing. I didn’t get to see the game, but maybe I’ll catch some of it on espn.com.

Jill, Ron’s wife, should be in and around DC by now, and Ron should be back in town, so I’ll prob go up there tomorrow and meet them. Good times.

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(Photo courtesy of Debrecen Online)

Here it is… My new phone. Mine’s in all black. Looks nice. A guy I work with had gotten one, so when I thought about getting a new phone, that one sort of jumped into my head.

My other phone served me well, but even after several battery changes, it was getting hard to charge. You had to fiddle with the charger (car or house) until it was just the right angle, and if the phone shifted (esp in the car, for instance), then it wouldn’t charge.

I also partially blame my brother Dahood–he got a new phone, and that inspired me (i.e., gave me phone envy…). Actually, Dahood has a problem with his elbow (it has a hard time bending–when he tries to reach his wallet 🙂 ) and I figured if he could finally break down and get a new one, it was past time for me.

The guy actually laughed at me when I came up to the counter and he looked at my “plan.” “Heh-heh… wow, that plan IS old… I haven’t seen one like this since… hey Biff, c’mere and look at this…”

I’ve had the old phone since late 2002/early 2003, and it was a good deal at the time. And if you think about it, it was money well-spent. The old Motorola’s lasted through a lot of time, use, and abuse. And it actually reduced my phone bill with my girlfriend at the time (it was a long-distance relationship), and friends and family who were also long-distance. So there! ( 😛 )

And there’s nothing really wrong with it, other than the charging problem. But I figured it was time to take advantage of the newer tech out there, with music, camera, and texting. Not that I’m a big text-er, but I still want the ability. Also, on my recent trip to Texas, it would have been nice to have some of the available features of the phone, email/internet, navigation, etc. That’s right, navigation…

So, I went ahead and did it–gaining much grief from my friend Nancy, who’s made no end of fun of me for having an “old phone.” I thought she was gonna have a connipition when she saw my new one.

I met her, her husband and other friends/co-workers up at Aquia (King Street Blues) for dinner at around 8:30pm. We didn’t really start eating until like, 9:00pm (again, after not eating anything all day). Felt like I was back in the Med, we started so late… 🙂

Earlier, after gaining the new phone, I stopped by another friend’s house. He was conducting a longsword training session, and asked me if I wanted to come by. I said, “Sure,” and hung out there for a while, joining in on the class. That was fun. I don’t have a “waster,” the wooden practice sword, but I did happen to have my jo handy, so that’s what I usd.

Earlier than that, I was able to hit the Y and do the steaming/sauna/jacuzzi thing. Even earlier, I dropped off recycling.

So anyway, it was a long, active day, with lots of good stuff and being friends. And that’s a good thing. 🙂

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