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Speaking of legends, a group of us went to go see I Am Legend, the new Will Smith movie, from the Richard Matheson book.

I have to say, I rather liked it. I liked the way it sort of, unfolded, in a non-hurried way that let us know the day-to-day living that the main character was experiencing. Of course, eventually, a lot of action happens, but it was… deliciously slow and unhurried, rather than just BANG! and hectic, and all over the place.

Of course, all the girls were swooning over Will Smith and his abs, and I do think he did quite a good job with the role.

Prior to the movie, we met at a Greek restaurant across the street from the theater. Mighty good; among other things, I had the lamb chops, Mythos beer, a little bit of retsina, some custardy stuff (galaktoboureko), and finished off with Greek coffee. Many yums!

And many thanks to Nicki who organized it all. Good job, Nicks!


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End of an Era

I’m not sure what to say about this: Coach Rod Goes Bye-Bye.

I know that my mom feels totally betrayed. I know that a LOT of people aren’t very happy with it. Ah, well–it’s only football. Yeah, right… 😦

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