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Got my forearms and biceps nice and tight a little bit ago; PT’d before going over to the Indian place with a buddy and chowing down on some rogan josh. Mmmmm.

Yesterday’s PT was a simple heavyhands workout, about 20 minutes with interval protocol, using my little five-pound dumbbells. Good little workout.

This afternoon, after some reading on the American Kettlebell Club blog, I did a kettlebell protocol, and focused on doing the long cycle clean and jerk (LCC&J). I set the timer for 10 minutes, and tried to see how long I could go without switching hands with the 24kg.

After some loosening up with the kali sticks and heavy bag, I started off with the left hand, and got about three minutes of LCC&J, switched to the right and did about the same. I didn’t bust myself–first time and all, so I took it pretty slow.

I still had four minutes to go so I shifted to just jerks, after a little bit, shifted from left to right side, probably about a minute or so each. Then went back to LCC&J, and finished off the 10 minutes with only one other switch.

As I mentioned, got a good pump in my forearms and upper arms, nice and tight, but not overly exhausted. A little burn, but not to failure, and with some good heavy breathing and heart pumping. Nice.

I’ll be improving my times between switches, then work on number of reps per time in LCC&J, jerks, and snatches. Maybe play with the bigger bell, too.

After the shower I went over to the Indian place, then after that went back with Chris to his place where we watched the Nat Geo Channel programs about fight science like the martial arts nerds we are. And there you have it.


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My Next Jeep

My only question: will I have to qualify to drive this thing by playing Halo?

More info about it at Autoblog.

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Speaking of Wheels

Just took the Big Red Beast out for a ride. No, not that big red beast, you sillies… the bike! πŸ™‚

It was in the mid-forties (ΒΊF), and sunny when we started. The sun quickly went away during the ride. I heard snow’s supposed to be coming here a bit later; we’ll see about that.

But it had been a while since I had run the engine, and my neighbor James wanted to run his and keep the batts charged, so we sort of both suggested to the other about taking a ride. I needed to go down to the bike shop and finally spring for a real cover, anyway. I’ve been (cleverly, I might add) using a XL gas barbecue cover, which in some ways was nice, but it’s getting pretty worn, so… so we did. And it was nice.

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Wheel Goes Round

Wow. Is this not a beautiful piece of gear?

Thanks to the Make: Newsletter.

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How could you go wrong? Funk music AND pirates in the same video.

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Lord of Light

Speaking of Sunset Sam, here’s another one of my all-time favorite novels.

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Of course, this video needs no explanation. Well, no, actually, it has “lots of esplainin’ to do…”

Then again, maybe Michael Nesmith was just… (wait for it)… Monkee-ing around… πŸ™‚

I like how Sunset Sam looks like a really bulked-up Bill Paxton…

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