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So, I did make it back over to the Y, but was disappointed to find out that the hot tub was spewing cold–yes,cold water again. So I started up the steam room and hopped in there. At least I had the locker room to myself for a good 10-15 minutes while hanging out in the steam, until a couple of guys popped in.

After dehydrating for a while, I went into the hot tub again. It wasn’t spewing the cold water anymore, but it was overall still lukewarm-ish. Nonetheless, I got in there and enjoyed the jets, at least. I did need that.

The fronts of my thighs are a bit sore from the last two days, so they need somebody to walk on them–failing that, I guess the jets from the lukewarm-tub will have to do…


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If you check out the video linker to the left, you can see/listen to a couple of short (prototype!) tracks I laid down for an album, titanium soul.

Really just an experiment to see how uploaded music would look on my blog. I tried to embed them directly in the text here, but it didn’t work very well. I’ll try again a bit later. Until then, just click on the “widget” to the left called “amphibiman’s videos.” Enjoy!

The music from the album titanium soul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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This morning’s PT seemed to be pretty tough. I could tell I’d laid off of the kettlebells a little bit lately. After loosening up a bit, I went right into the Turkish Get Up with the 32 kg bell. Did a five minute round–whew! I made it no problem, but it was slow going–not just popping up and down.

Followed that with military presses first with the 24 kg, then with the 32 kg bell, sort of a ladder as prescribed by Art De Vany. Then I did front squats using the two kettlebells (of uneven sizes–24 and 32 kg). Followed up with a light deadlift with whatever I already had on the bar.

Then I eagerly shot over to the YMCA for a good soak and steam–but they were closed! Ack. I always forget that they don’t open until noon on Sundays. Grrrr. Oh, well. Guess I’m about to head over there now. See ya!

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Another good training day. Did a very simple workout this morning: 10 minutes long cycle clean and jerk with the 24 kg kettlebell. Simple, brutal, effective. Particularly good because I was running into a little bit of a time crunch, so 10 relatively hard minutes was great. After that, I headed over to the Y for a dunk and steam (jacuzzi, then steam room) and a shower. Niiiiice.

I got home in time to gather my gear and headed over to practice the German-style longsword that I do. It was a good, relaxed session, because everyone else had cancelled out, and Chris was still recovering from a nasty case of bronchitis. We took it easy; he had to stop to rest and catch his breath occasionally. But I really believe that when you’re in that stage, you need to get up and move around. You don’t want to overtax, but you need to get blood & lymph moving, and oxygen pumping through the system, which will help facilitate healing.

We took it easy, but he did a good job and had a good attitude. I got a good hip throw on him. That was fun! We got in close with a bind, and he grabbed my hilt or pommel, but that put him in a compromising position–my arm was across his chest and my leg went behind his and… whump! Down he went… đŸ™‚ Okay, it was closer to an aiki or systema throw than a strict hip throw, but it worked (and it didn’t hurt him). Hey, it was on relatively soft earth anyway–we were training down in the park rather than the parking lot that we often are in.

I liked that better, because we also did some knife training, and I don’t care to do that in front of the whole apartment complex. We aren’t doing anything wrong, but too many eyes, distractions, and little people around. It’s one thing with the swords, but with the knives I like to be a little more circumspect.

Again, nothing too strenuous, but I gave him some of my philosophy on knife work, and how it differs from sword work, especially longsword. We played a little bit, and included some empty hand stuff too.

Then after a bit, we headed over to Smokey Bones and chowed on some meeeaaattt…

Now–you may wonder about a hard workout before the sword training, especially in light of the fact I was also fasting for the day. A couple of reasons…

When I coached fencing at the college a little while back, I would sometimes do a hard workout (concentrating on the legs, doing heavy deadlifts, etc.) before hand with the thought of sort of… self-handicapping, so that I would maybe be a little slower and make it just a hair easier on the students. It rarely worked out that way, however. It seemed that by the time I made it over to the college, I was pretty well recovered, and I fenced better and harder than I did even normally. I guess maybe I triggered some sort of warm-up cascade of adrenaline and testosterone, or something.

Anyway, I also did it to stress myself, and to make it harder for me. Well, in this case, I had been getting home late the last several days, and the last couple of days had a bit of a sore throat, so in the better part of valor I hadn’t done any real physical training to speak of.

So, I was feeling up for it, and I didn’t know if Chris was going to be able to practice anyway, so I just went for it in the time that I had. And as in the college instance, I intentionally wanted to add fatigue and stress to the training by working out before hand, and added the fast ta boot. So, there you have it.

I think it was quite a successful training day, and I’m none the worse for the wear–better, I dare say. In fact, I’m contemplating hitting the kbell again, or some other physical training a little bit later to cap off the day. We’ll see!

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So, last Saturday night, Shawn and I convinced some unsuspecting friends to go see the best movie all year, Doomsday. It was friggin’ awesome! I loved it, as nasty, raucous, and hysterically over-the-top as it was. Maybe I was just in the mood–whatever. Loads of fun.

Here’s a review that says almost exactly how I felt about it: Ken Hanke at Mountain Xpress

Note that both of the female leads–“Eden” and “Viper” (sounds like the Scottish version of American Gladiators)–are smoking hot. Even with one having only one eye, and the other covered in facial tattoos. Or maybe I’m just too warped anymore. Ah well… đŸ˜›

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Water Everywhere

Wow. This is really cool. But it’s making me thirsty watching it:

Interview with Dean Kamen about his water distiller

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Mulch Better

So, this morning my neighbor James and I went to Home Despot ( đŸ™‚ ) and picked up some mulch and sod. He bought several of each, I just got two bags of mulch. Pretty red stuff, too. Think I could’ve used more. But anyway, I laid the mulch in my front yard, by the tree and the bushes, and it does look much better there. Here’s a photo:
Mulch around tree.

I like it. Probably have to get some more, and trim the ivy around the front bushes. I’m not much of a gardener; my mom and former roommate Toni did the original setting up of the new bushes, flowers, and brickwork (though I helped). I certainly could use their help again!

Anyway, today’s Easter, so Happy Easter to everyone out there. Take care.

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