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Saw the movie Yes Man. Good fun, lots of laughs in the theater.

I thought that it would be kinda lame, and for the first couple of minutes it was a little slow. But after that it took off, and it was the Jim Carrey magic again. One of the friends I was with said that she thought it was the best Carrey movie since The Mask.

I don’t know about that, I’ve liked several of them. But it was good. Not really necessary to see in the theatre, except to enjoy the reactions audience.

Zooey Deschanel was quite fun, engaging, and cute. As per usual. And I do so love Terrence Stamp.

I say: See It.


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… And that’s just what I did today (with apologies to Arlo Guthrie). Temp was up to 50º F or so, and he hadn’t been run in a while. During the last part of my workout at a rest set, I went ahead and started it up, just thinking I wanted to run the engine and get it warm.

Buuuuut, it was a nice day, so I threw on the long underpants and jeans and went for a spin. The air seemed a bit sharper than 50, especially when whipping down the highway, but nothing unmanageable. Nice ride. Stopped at the local Chinese place for breakfast, a very late breakfast at 1700 or so (again with the IF thing today). Grabbed some ice cream and headed home.

Prior to all that, I had done about 30 minutes or so of longsword work, primarily focussed on heavy bag impact with Krumphau and Zwerchau (the “cross strike”). The followed up with a kettlebell session.

Did several two-hand lifts today. Started with what I think some are calling the “kettlebell squat thrust,” if I remember correctly, which consists of squatting with the bells in racked position (cleaned), then standing up explosively to push the bells to full overhead extension. Good one. I think my mate across the pond, Rob, mentioned them in his blog somewhere. Since I only have differently sized bells, not any two of the same weight, I do a few reps, the switch the heavier and lighter bells around to the other hands.

I was only using the 16 and 24 kg bells for this one, but I felt it. Although I would like to use the same weight bells for these exercises sometime, I kind of like using differently weighted ones. Gives and extra challenge with balance and core stability.

Then I did the “Two Hands Anyhow” with the two small bells again, screw-pressing the 24 up, then windmilling down to pick up the 16 kg. Again, do a few reps, then switch the hands to the different weights.

Finished up the routine (whilst waiting for the bike to warm up) with the simple front squat, using the 32 and 24 kilogram bells. A good little workout, and a change of pace from the high-rep timed sets of yesterday. Good for recovery and working more on the grind. Then a stretch and a shower. Ready to ride. Yeah!

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Bzzzz… still buzzing a little bit with my last kettlebell training session from a few minutes ago.

Basically the Two Minute Drill done in what I’ve been calling the Step Ladder. Two minutes of lifting, followed by a two minute rest set, then up the size of the bell, two more minutes lifting, two minute rest set, then change the exercise and repeat. It’s a “two minute drill” ‘coz I everything’s done in two minute units (easier to set the alarm on the watch that way 🙂 ), and a “step ladder” because it’s a short version of a ladder drill.

Today’s was:

– Two minutes, each arm, Long Cycle Clean & Jerk (16 kg)
– Two minute rest set
– Two minutes, each arm, LCCJ (24 kg)
– Two minute rest set
– Two minutes, each arm, Jerk (16 kg)
– Two minute rest set
– Two minutes, each arm, Jerk (24 kg)
– Two minute rest set
– Two minutes, alternating sides, Turkish Get Up (16 kg)
– Two minute rest set
– Two minutes, alternating sides, TGU (24 kg)

That’s 20 minutes time under bell, of course.

Whew! It’s been a while since a good one like that, so that’s why I’m still buzzing with it, I guess. Also, I’ve been deliberately underfeeding today before and after the workout. I’ll go for a little while longer and get some “breakfast” here in a bit. Intermittent fasting (IF) style (didn’t do a complete water-only fast today, but ended up having a couple of cookies; literally, just a couple).

I really felt it on the last set of the jerks on the right side with the 24 kilo bell. I typically alternate left, right, when doing one-arm drills, as in, two minutes left arm, followed by two minutes right arm. The TGUs I alternate each rep, so that I’m doing left, right, left right throughout the entire time. I had just planned on doing the first set two minutes with the 16er, but with only two minutes I felt like I had just started, so I did a two minute rest set then went for two on the 24. That set seemed to last forever, though, so when I really started feeling it, actually breathing hard and shaking and such, I went over and checked the time.

Duhhhh–I had forgotten to set the timer! What a genius… 🙂 It felt like much longer than the first set, somewhere around five minutes maybe. No way to tell. So I’m only counting the first two.

I finished off the cool-down by vacuuming the workout room floor. It seems to have gotten strangely dirty whilst I was away for two weeks, and somehow the roommate hasn’t gotten around to cleaning it. *sigh* Anyway…

Now I think I might go and hit the Y for some jacuzzi and sauna. Mmmmm. That outta feel good with the 39º F temp outside. Then maybe some chow!

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Had a good night last night at longsword practice. Primarily we were working on two Master Cuts–the Zornhau, and the Krumphau, using them to “break” an attack or guard, and then using “Fühlen” or feeling of the pressure of the opposing blade, and working around it using various “windings” such as “mutieren” and “duplieren.”

I did get to play a little with my side sword and “cloak” (actually my fencing jacket) against longsword. Fun stuff.

A pretty good example video below I found of some guys on YouTube (although some of the stuff is a little hard to see here) of use of the Krumphau, with accompanying text from the different master texts:

As you can see, very interesting, fluid work, which admittedly, appeals to me.

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Back From The Holidays

Been back a couple of days now from visiting the folks for Thanksgiving. Obviously, quite an eventful holiday this year, and I ended up having to stay an extra week. Glad I did, though, and props go out to my workmates and managers who were quite supportive and understanding. I relayed that to my mom, and the fact that she didn’t have to worry about me and the job relieved her and helped her heal.

Now I’ve got to get back to the swing of things. I’ve hefted the kettlebells a couple of times, but only for warm-up sessions. I was going to hit it hard tonight, but I ended up doing job-related work that kept me going for a while this evening.

Finally, I quit working on it, and watched a movie I rented: Hancock. Have ta say, I really enjoyed it. Several things about it just jelled quite nicely, although I got annoyed at the one piece of camera work that almost always annoys me–the fast, “journalist”-style zoom. In almost every context, it’s well, out of context… unless the filmmaker is representing actual hand-held camera news footage. To me, when I see that just show up in a movie (unless it’s actual documentary footage) it seems so out of place that it jerks me out the “suspension of disbelief.”

It’s jarring also because it seems so pretentious, and fake, as well. Anyway, a minor quibble, but still, I wish people would quit doing that.

I think there are times to be really creative and innovative with camera work, that frame what you’re trying to convey, but in a super hero flick you want to pull the audience into reality and not jar them out of it.

One movie I still remember that I was really impressed with the non-standard camera work was Charly (spoiler alert for the Wiki article!) with Cliff Robertson. Really good movie, in other ways, but I remember the multiple frames shots within a montage, etc. that just really worked for that film.

But anyway, I digress…

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My nephew Gabriel with his wresting headgear on:

Gabriel with wrestling headgear on.

Gabriel with wrestling headgear on.

He is having a scrimmage tonight. Crossing our fingers…

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