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I’m always a sucker for a nice rack… 😛

Zone Rack Pix One

Zone Rack Pix One

Zone Rack Pix Two

Zone Rack Pix Two

Brother Dahood took these pix of some bikes and their interesting racks.

I likes. Next time I head out to The Zone and have to fight off mutants and/or zombies and/or Tim Thomerson and his band of rag-tag adventurers/pirates whilst looking for my Cherry 2000, I want this.


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Express Post

I want you to take a look at this and marvel. See text below:

Wed, June 24, 2009

Re: Order Number: xyz

Thank you for ordering from Xpress Redi Set Go TM. Your order has been shipped.

Date Shipped: 06/23/09
Via: Express Shipping
Tracking Number: 23451325

Your order has shipped with express shipping and should arrive within 7-10 business days from the day you placed your order. If you would like to track your order, please click the link or copy https://spportal.fedex.com/sp/track.jsp into your browser window. Just copy and paste your tracking number to see where it is.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

Customer service is available 9am-6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Xpress Redi Set Go TM Customer Service Team

Last week I ordered a thing I saw on TV, something called the Xpress Redi Set Go. I was actually watching TV in my motel room in the Springs and an infomercial of this thing came on, which looks like a good replacement for my George Foreman Grill (GFG). As you may or may not know, one day a few weeks ago I was going to grill some steak; when I put the steak on the GFG, little to my knowledge the little plastic pad on the bottom of the steak went onto the grill with it.

Yuck! It totally melted into the grill (and the steak). With a tear in my eye, I tossed the steak into the trash, and later tried to remove the plastic off of the grill. I never got satisfied with the result… so I told Chris not to use it, and I haven’t used it since. I really like the grill, but no way do I trust this one (aromatized plastic–mmmmm!).

If you think you can clean it up to your standards, by the way, I’ll give it to you. Otherwise, it’s going to the dump.

So, anyway, I figured I’d just get another one, newer and/or bigger, perhaps, though the size seemed okay my normal applications.

However–back to the story–I saw this on TV and thought, “Cool, just what I need, and it looks like it even has more functionality than the GFG!” So I ordered it.

Okay–note that I ordered it last Thursday or Friday. With the “Free Express Shipping!” Also, I ordered via phone, and nowadays they make you go through–I’m not kidding–an extra 15 min to half an hour of a person’s automated voice saying, “And in addition, for 19.95 a month, you can subscribe to her recipes. You get the first month free, and you can keep it. After that you can cancel at any time, or send it back and you won’t have to pay for it.”

And I say–“No,” of course. Then the voice says, “Don’t say no, yet! Remember, you can cancel at any time, and blahblahblahblah…”

So I say, “No,” and then they go on to the next thing for, like I said, 15-30 minutes, until I start cutting “her” off with a belligerent “NO!” And they finally say, “Thank you for your order, and we’ll express this to you right away.” Click. Must’ve had a voice stress monitor or some logic that said if “he starts cutting off the voice, then he’s finally had enough…”

Anyway, the shaggy dog of the post is to let you notice that:
a) I ordered last week, and they’re just now getting it shipped, and
B) they say I’ll be getting it in 7-10 days. “Business days!” What sort of “Express Shipping” is that? It had *better* have been free! Holy Geez…

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Got my new GYMBOSS Interval Timer in the mail. Woo hoo! Watched the YouTube intructions, which were simple, but helped a lot. Can’t wait to use it! Thanks to Rob for the lead to it!

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I’ve been rather… delinquent, of late in updating this particular blog of mine. I’ve been off to the wilds, so to speak, traveling frequently between here and Colorado (and in one case, Wyoming) after having taken a new job with an small company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, last month. Good stuff, but a lot of traveling, and I’ve been keeping my friends up-to-date with my Facebook page, vice doing it here.

Nonetheless, I wanted to get back to the blog, and keep active on here, mostly cataloguing my physical training and whatever else suits my fancy.

In Colorado I did in fact learn of the difference altitude can have on your performance… 😀 I didn’t have access to my beloved kettlebells–but that’s okay, other training opportunities abounded (when indeed I had the opportunity), and I suppose I need to take a kbell break every now and again.

My first week there–well, as soon as I arrived at the office, I was introduced to everybody, then was whisked away by my Springs counterpart, Bob, on a mission up to Wyoming (nice five-hour drive), to help with training some Army National Guard Special Forces in pre-deployment phase. The training was actually given by two government instructors, with Bob there to help them, and me to learn and see in-person the folks using the product and how they do it. Most instructional.

Once back, two days later, (Thursday, ’round midnight), I was able to check-in to my hotel, the Antlers Hilton. Fairly nice place, but, importantly–complete with jacuzzi and indoor pool (with a nice view of the Front Range of the Rockies, including Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain).

Friday evening, I finally made it to the gym, and had a good workout using De Vany’s protocol of 15/8/5, mostly with the dumbbell rack and a couple of machines for the legs. After the workout, whilst stretching no less, I twisted my left knee. By twisted, I mean I was in a kneeling position, and leaning back, and the leverage of my sandals (I normally PT barefoot) was enough to slightly dislocate it out of joint. I felt it, but it didn’t hurt–it never really does… but I can feel the twinge, and then I know I’m in for stiffness, weakness, and limping for a week or two as it recovers.

However, I was not deterred from getting some exercise after that. I’ve noticed that if I have some injury, major or minor, a hop in the pool seems to do me a lot of good. One may recall from a few years back that that’s why I got the YMCA membership in the first place–just to get to the pool for the time I really twisted my knees.

So, after the PT I went to the jacuzzi and then spent a few minutes lightly swimming the pool. In subsequent days I went directly to the pool, and over the course of my several trips there, I’ve been trying to keep going. It was especially helpful when I remembered to bring my swim goggles… 😀

My swim strokes and water endurance have greatly improved. Imagine that. I’ve also been back to the weight room a few times, mostly using the dumbbell rack. On my second week there, I was asked by my lovely co-worker Yvette if I wanted to join several members of the office and their friends/SOs to play beach volleyball. Beach volleyball in Colorado? Sure enough, there’s a place called Porky’s that used to be called the Sand Pits–they trucked in 2000 tons or so of sand, just to make a beach-type place with several sand vball courts. There’s a league, and several my company play there. I went, had a blast, and every time I’m back, I try to get there. Last week, we engaged in a three-hour practice session with one of the other, related teams.

My first game was exactly seven days after I had arrived, and people were seemingly amazed that I was able to perform as well as I did (not that I’m saying that I’m super-skilled at it, mind you) for only having been there a week. I did notice getting out of breath a bit, but I was able to recover pretty well–maybe better than I expected after what everyone had been telling me. Then again–I’m used to being out-of-breath from training… maybe that had something to do with it.

So, it’s been a few weeks back and forth between here at home and there in CO. After a torturous return trip home from this last trip (I finally made it back 0630 or so Saturday morning) I got back on the kettlebell wagon.

Saturday afternoon/evening saw me lifting away in a sprint pattern similar to what Rob has mentioned, snatches for 15/15. In this case it was not super-high volume. I just did 15 seconds of snatches left hand, then 15 seconds rest, then 15 seconds right hand, 15 seconds rest, etc., for five minutes, using the 16 kg bell. Then after a touch of rest, I went and did five straight minutes of LCCJ with the 24, alternating hands every minute.

Today (whilst taking off from work), did a wild CFT-type protocol. I did five four-minute rounds consisting of four different drills at one minute each.

Round 1
1 minute, sword strikes (bokken), heavy bag
1 minute, two-hand swings (32 kg)
1 minute, empty hand/foot strikes, heavy bag
1 minute, Turkish Get Up, alternating hands (32 kg)

Round 2
1 minute, sword strikes (bokken), heavy bag
1 minute, two-hand swings (24 kg)
1 minute, empty hand/foot strikes, heavy bag
1 minute, Turkish Get Up, alternating hands (24 kg)

Round 3
1 minute, sword strikes (side-sword waster), heavy bag
1 minute, two-hand swings (16 kg)
1 minute, empty hand/foot strikes, heavy bag
1 minute, Turkish Get Up, alternating hands (16 kg)

Round 4
1 minute, sword strikes (bokken), heavy bag
1 minute, two-hand swings (24 kg)
1 minute, empty hand/foot strikes, heavy bag
1 minute, Turkish Get Up, alternating hands (24 kg)

Round 5
1 minute, sword strikes (bokken), air
1 minute, two-hand swings (32 kg)
1 minute, empty hand/foot strikes/throws, air (mostly)/heavy bag
1 minute, Turkish Get Up, alternating hands (32 kg)

Round 6
5 minutes, cool-down/stretching

As you can see, this session turned out to be around 20 minutes of pure effort. Although I did slack off a little on that last intensity round. Fortunately, I’ve been fasting all day–or whatever food I would’ve taken might’ve come back up to haunt me! 😀 I’m writing this as I come down from it, and I’m getting ready to go hit he steam room and jacuzzi. Yeah, that’s gonna feel good!

I’m so glad to be back to the bells! But we’ll see what happens as I go back to Colorado. I’m supposed to be there about two weeks or so out of every month until I’m really trained up. Maybe I’ll hike Pikes Peak… then again, maybe I’ll get more trained up in altitude, first! 😀

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