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Last Sunday’s PT was simple in the extreme. I was so inspired by my OJ imitation attempt at the airport on Friday that I decided to duplicate it Sunday.

I have a bag of gravel that I keep in a old internal frame backpack of mine. But I wanted more simplicity so I put it in a smaller backpack, basically a rucksack, and then went for a walk/run in it. Not too bad. About a 28 minute trip up and back my running road, alternating between a brisk walk and a nice run/jog. It was a nice 90 or so degree day with about 100% humidity, and about noon, too. I did, in fact, experience some sweat. 😀

The bag, with rocks inside, weighs 29.0 lbs, according to my bathroom scale. So it’s a nice weight to go running or walking with.

After a decent time to cool down and shower, it was off to my friends Cass and Eric’s place, where I got to meet Cass’ dad, an Air Force employee who’s been living and working in Germany for the last several years. Meat was eaten, wine was consumed, stories were told, fire was made. ‘Twas a good evening.


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This one’s perhaps a little hard to understand without context, but here it is anyway:

Bill answers the Great Y

Bill answers the Great Y

I made it, then posted it on Facebook–and it amused me so much I made it my profile picture. Basically it representatively encapsulates a couple of conversations I had with a friend, lately.

But anyway, in other news…

Back from C Springs finally. I worked in the office there on Friday, then finally took off for the airport. However, the plane was delayed getting there, so we waited… It finally arrived an hour or two late, so we took off hoping we could make up enough time to hit connecting flights. My connecting flight from Chi-town to Richmond was waay gone by the time I got there, so after some dealing with a very nice United rep (thanks, Steve!) I got a free night in a nearby luxe Marriott, to await my next flight at 0718. Which meant that I got to bed around 2330 and got a wake up at 0400 to get ready and get to the airport on time.

An uneventful flight later and there I was at Richmond, Saturday morning, around 1030 or 11. Made it home a couple of hours after that. Yay!

Whilst in the Springs, I started staying at a different, cheaper hotel, the Quality Suites, where I got a two room suite for about 60 bucks less than the one room at Antlers Hilton. And it’s only an 11 minute walk to the office, so I didn’t drive at all (there’s also a shuttle from the hotel to points about town) except to arrive, and to depart to and from the airport.

Much more livable space for a week. The pool’s inside, but much more crowded with kids and families, so I didn’t get to swim, though I did do a morning at the jacuzzi. The “fitness room” is just newly made, small, and sparse. But I got use out of it anyway, of course. Tuesday, I think, I did a pretty decent workout on the cable machine–one of those you can configure for about any resistance exercise you can think of. Then that evening after work I did my good ol’ standard UAW (see right link for details). It felt good, blew the carbon out, etc. and was sorely needed after the flight there the day before.

Sometimes you just feel like packing two good PTs in the same day, you know what I mean? And I try to manage my week not to overdo it. Right now, I don’t think I’m in too much danger of over-training :D. (Though with the intense travel sched, maybe my instincts to not hit it hard as much are on target). And I did get a good ruck sprint on Friday night when I was trying to get from the C concourse to the end of the F concourse at Chicago O’Hare. No–not exaggerating. I picked up a flying partner while waiting for the plane at the Springs. A female Army Captain (who went to the Citadel on a full-ride soccer scholarship, by the way), who was there for a week-long class. She was flying back to Norfolk and we both had to be at F gates. Hers was F 1, and mine F 14. Her plane was supposed to leave before mine, but was delayed. Because we ran, she made it, but as previously stated, mine was long gone, alas.

And there you have it!

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Today’s morning wake-me-up was quick, though really quite satisfying. Uhh, no–not that one… 😀

Anyway, just to warm up the body, but take little time before getting ready to head out for today’s gather and hunt I did a simple three minute drill:

1 minute, bokken strikes (air)
1 minute, kettlebell swings, single hand, switch hands at 30 sec (24 kg)
1 minute, push ups, various styles, using those “Ultimate Push Up” handles

Nice, compact time frame, some sweating, but ready to go, now.


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Well, I finally got the Xpress Redi Set Go a few days ago. I’ll live with it a while and see what I think. So far, I *have* used it several times to cook stuff, even my first day back from CO. In fact, it was part of a group meal for “sliders,” as folks for some reason call those little under-sized hamburgers.

(In the Navy, we called regular hamburgers “sliders,” and hot dogs “rollers.” Now *that* makes sense! 😀 )

So far, it seems quite handy, and I’ll judge upon useful-ness. First thoughts are that it *is* quite handy, though a bit smaller than what I expected, and cleaning out the grease from the “sliders” was a chore that I’m trying to learn how to do better. For that type of thing, the George Foreman Grill (GFG) is clearly superior. The little Xpress is not well-designed (or intended) for multiple large steaks or burgers, and it’s a grease trap that is not the easiest to clean (so far).

For little, one-person-sized meals, it might do. But my focus is on the meats these days, so we’ll see. As far as operation, like the GFG, it almost couldn’t be simpler, and the timer on top is really handy–even when you’re not using the Xpress itself to cook anything. Quality seems just fine–although after testing the timer after first getting it, it failed to go to the end and “ding.” But after that first day, it’s worked right every time.

If I were to suggest anything for this particular model, I would say that it should come default with an open pan insert, like the divided pan insert, but completely open, like the base. That would make everything soooo much easier. I think it may be part of the “pan subscription,” but there’s no way that I’m going to subscribe to something like that. That’s just a problem waiting to happen, for me.

They should perhaps offer a larger model, too. And maybe a “griller” pan that has those raised ridges the GFG has, slightly tilted, that runs into a grease well underneath.

One thing that really aggravated me–after waiting for the “free express shipping” to finally get here, I looked on the receipt and noticed a $26 or so shipping charge. Free? I don’t think so. I didn’t call them up yet, but I’m betting what they’ll say is that, “yes, the Xpress is free, but the extras that come with it have shipping charges.” Considering that the Xpress is only a couple of pounds (weight) and that the supplemental items are all of negligible weight, I’m going to throw the “ripoff” flag on that one! 😦 Booo! Cathy Mitchell, if you don’t know about this–you had better! And if you do–shame on you, that’s freakin’ dishonest. I wouldn’t mind paying the shipping, but you should’ve been upfront about it in the first place!


Xpress Redi Set Go–item: thumbs up (so far)
Deceptive selling practices: thumbs down!

Overall: Mixed

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Back in Virginia, so time for some kbell physical training. Last night’s was simple, using a variant of the De Vany 15/8/5 protocol.

Sword strikes, side sword waster (air)

Left arm

15 cleans (16 kg)
8 cleans (24 kg)
5 cleans (32 kg)

Right arm

15 cleans (16 kg)
8 cleans (24 kg)
5 cleans (32 kg)

Left arm

15 half Turkish Get Ups (TGUs) (24 kg)

Right arm

15 half Turkish Get Ups (TGUs) (24 kg)

15 rapid squat-thrusts
10 dead lifts (260 lbs)

Cool down and stretching

Got it all in about 18 and a half minutes, with some good sweating and breathing. On the dead lifts, I did five with the mixed grip of having the left hand palm out and right hand palm in, then switched for the last five with left hand palm in, right hand palm out; also had a slight space in-between the first five and the second five as the roommate came in and spoke to me. Otherwise, it was all go, no rest.

As you can see, I am still going light on the deads, with rapid, multi-rep lifts, not grinds at this time. But I wanted to make sure and finish up with legs, and that hit them pretty good, without being too particularly intense. Enough to feel that I was lifting something, and engage a good mult-joint effort.

Later, I chomped down on some bison steaks that I had been marinating for several hours. Yums–then a dessert of a pile of blueberries with a little honey, sparkling mineral water, and a touch of red wine.

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Since today will mostly likely prove to be an awful day to head south on 95, I’ve decided to go in late, then come back waaay late, to try to avoid the worst of the traffic.

In so doing, I found myself with some spare time… what better way to use this morning free time than to do some PT. Hoo yah. So I did, and had a good sweat-fest with the help of kettlebells and the GYMBOSS (they should pay me for advertising it! 🙂 ).

After the initial training on the GYMBOSS on YouTube the other day, all became clear, and setting it up this morning was a snap.

(As a side note, I really wish the Boss had a longer time frame. That way I could use it as a sleep alarm. I saw a fellow who uses a timer to sleep, instead of a clock. I thought that was really interesting, but I don’t have any timers that last that long. And a regular old clock on it would be nice, too. And the ability to time the entire PT session, at the same time, as well. But I do tend to ask a lot of my tech…)

Anyway, this morning’s session started out with a few minutes of air striking (ooooh, I like that!) with the bokken, then right into a 15/15 session of snatches with the little bell, Peta (16 kg). Did 20 rounds, which amounted to five minutes of alternating hands for 15 seconds of snatch and 15 of rest.

After that I went for three, one-minute long cycle clean and jerk (LCCJ) rounds with the next two bells. For this, I set the Boss up for two intervals: the first one, one minute, the second one, 30 seconds. So, do one minute of LCCJ with the left hand, 30 seconds rest; do one minute LCCJ with the right hand, 30 seconds rest, repeat until fragged.

That came out to be about six minutes time under bell, at three minutes each hand.

In this case, I did two rounds with Wilson (24 kg) and then one round with Ivan (32 kg). I know some of you hard people out there can look at this and snicker, but for me it was a quick, intense SweatEx indeed!. Then a little cool-down and stretching. Just what I needed–gets it done, but doesn’t take all day. Less than 20 minutes.

I’m writing this after slugging down about a liter in H2O, with a handful of vities and minerals to replace what was sweated out.

As a side note, I’m starting to slide into a “cleaner” way of eating again. It’s been happening gradually, but it’s happening. For me, “clean” means “more Paleo,” as in more meats and fruits, and staying away from more and more “processed” foods. Sure, I’ll slack off and have that pizza and ice cream (my brother–he “forces” me to do this… 🙂 ), but I’m making sure that that’s the exception, not the rule. Adding to that, I under-eat intentionally some days or parts of days for that intermittent fasting effect. I find that a lot easier where I’m working now, due to not some many people wanting to go out and eat lunch together.

Anyway, have a good Holiday for my US friends, and enjoy your weekend for all the others! Cheers!

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