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Today’s morning session was about 55 minutes of walk/run/sprint, with some push ups thrown in at the end of the particular road I was using. I passed by the site twice, a simple 20 push ups thrown in each time. I started doing the random sprint when a car passed my way, ending when another passed by. Not consistently, but adding some randomness to the sprint/walk combo. The last lap was pretty much all walk after I could feel my right achilles getting a bit sore. No need to push it. Just being out in the 90+ degree morning was enough to get a sweat on, don’t need to injure myself to do it…

Followed with five minutes of kettlebell LCCJ, starting off with the 24 kg, and then working down to the 16 kg. Then a Tabata set of abs, and–done!


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Short entry today, hopefully. Got home after the long traffic ride, threw the wrestling shoes on, drank a buncha H2O. Waited for a few, then hit the blacktop (and the rocky shoulder) for about a 35 minute run/walk in the stifling heat, humidity, and lawn mower exhaust/cut grass/mulch-throwing gauntlet.

Got back to the house and did a straight five-minute LCCJ session, switching hands on the minute. Took it real slow, concentrating on breathing and feeling the energy flow.

Cool-down and shower-time! Oh, yeah, and this is a fasting day.

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Sitting here cooling down… see, this is what happens when I don’t have anything else going on: I get bored and PT over and over…

Tonight was a nice light run/walk combo for a few klicks. Basically, roughly around a quarter mile walking (or whatever that is in meters… 402.336 by my converter), then some running, then walking, etc. Close to 36 minutes of it.

I ran with Jo, my four foot jo staff, for some added resistance, and to sort of emulate holding something on only one side or the other, like a spear or bow and arrow from the hunter/gatherer days.

Very comfortable in the dusk. Wearing my wrestling shoes was very comfortable as well, allowing me to hit the ground softly; though I did come into some contact with a couple of pieces of obnoxious gravel when I went over to the shoulder to let cars pass.

Earlier today, I was privileged to have my roommate join me in the morning session. It was the typical Tabata kettlebell protocol. He had the baby bell (16 kg), and I had Ivan (24 kg).

As usual, go 20 seconds lifting, followed by 10 seconds rest, for a total of eight segments. Rest one minute plus between rounds. It went a little somethin’ like this:

First Round
– Long Cycle Clean and Jerk (LCCJ)
– Alternate hands each segment

Second Round
– Jerks
– Alternate hands each segment

Third Round
– Cleans
– Alternate hands each segment

Fourth Round
– Abs
– Various, including side and forward planks for 20 seconds

Fifth Round
– Swings
– Alternate between either hand, and both hands together

Finish off with cooldown and stretching. ‘Twas a good one–we both had the slight onset of nausea, but not enough to really be bothersome. It was near the end of a 24-hour fasting period, so I waited until noon-ish or so and went to get some grub.

Saturday, though, I couldn’t seem to get off the ground workout-wise, alas. I kept trying to get around to it, but… just… couldn’t… get… motivated, Spock. Made up for it today.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but basically it’s kind of been the same so far this summer. I’ve been busy, so I don’t seem to get into it too much during the week, but on the weekend I’m getting PT in during workouts, and by doing a lot of play. Swimming, hiking, fencing, volleying a huge, heavy beach ball, etc.


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