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Back a couple of days ago from Colorado Springs, CO. Looks to be the last time in a while I’ll be back there, though you never know. Whilst I was out there, I managed three or four pretty decent PT sessions, with varying combos of bodyweight work, the cable tower they have there, and a couple of the cardio machines (recumbent bike and elliptical). With high intensity/short duration on the cardio machines.

Because there was a weekend in-between the two weeks I was there, I elected to head up to Pikes Peak. It was magnificent!! Gorgeous day, a little breezy. Was hot down on the plain, where the Springs sits, but up on the Peak it was perhaps 20ยบ F cooler. Nice.

Photo Op at Pikes Peak.

After running around there taking pix and getting into the Summit Center, I got back in the car and headed down about 1000 feet in altitude where there was a car pull-off. I pulled off and commenced about an hour or two hike up and down the trail at about 13,000 feet.

Hike from the road to past the far point at the top left of image, coming down off of Pikes Peak.

Headed back home to VA last Friday (24 September). Unfortunately, my last workout was the night before, and having had a really good PT, I somehow tweaked my knee when doing my cooldown. That kinda sucked for the next day running (limping) around the airports… The good news is that it seems to happen fairly rarely these days, it’s been only one knee (the same each time), I seem to have a lot of mobility and flexibility (except for hitting just that right spot), when it happens it’s not very severe, and I seem to recover better every time.

Unfortunately, that means I had to decline going on a hike this morning with some friends (which ended up being canx anyway for other reasons). Saturday was the local brewpub’s (Blue & Gray Brewery/Lee’s Retreat) Oktoberfest, so I ended up being all day on my feet, with only a few respites (with friends, which was nice) for my weary knee.

Pretty Girl, Pretty Dress, Pretty Smile

Beerfest Beermaid Serving Beer.

I had a great time; got to see many friends from olden times. As I am never a heavy drinker, I suffered no ill effects. Even though I was walking/standing all the hot day on the asphalt of the parking lot, at least it was flat and level. We headed inside the brewpub after dark and consumed some tasties (I had the fish and chips, as there was no shepard’s pie *sniff*. But it *waaaaas* wicked good!).

So today, I felt that I deserved a good workout or two, now that I’m back home with the tools I like: kettlebells. In addition, the bells don’t require a lot of linear space–I didn’t want to travel on wounded knee.

In the morning, I started off with staff work on the heavy bag (fairly gently) and empty hands/feet vs heavy bag, to get loosened up. The roommate came out to watch and stretch as I treated myself to a nice tabata set of one and two-handed swings with the baby bell (16 kg). After I was done, he jumped on to the baby bell for the same workout, tabata with swings. I grabbed the middle bell (24 kg) and joined him for a few. After that, we did various kbell stuff and some Systema stick work, then a stretch/cooldown. Not super long, or super-intense session, but I did get a sweat on. After I got a shower, we hopped out around 1230 or so for some brekkies.

This evening, I was feeling my oats a bit, so went back down to the Courage Corner and practiced some striking with the steel blunt, then grabbed the big bell for some work. A very quick tabata round (8 sets at the typical 20 sec/10 sec ratio) doing military presses for the first two sets (left hand first set, right hand second set), and then two sets of two-handed swings; rinse and repeat for the last four sets. For a four-minute workout, that turned out to be VERY intense. I had to really push to get that last set of swings in there. Out of breath and pumped! Whew!!

So, good stuff, yo!


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