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Newest tune from The Aquatic Ape Theory:



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Is that my mate Rob in the background of this photo on the Utilikilts FB page? 😀

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Yesterday, I found myself with some time on my hands, and as usual when that happens, I do some PT. After a morning of mostly just lazing around, interrupted by a quick hike over to the 7-11, I decided I wanted to get a workout in before heading to the office party over at the Broadmoor, an old, established, high-falutin’ type hotel.

As a side note, the Springs warmed way up yesterday. I walked over to the 7-11 in my sandals, albeit in the snow, and just a sweater on–no shell or anything needed to protect from wind. Quite a difference from a couple of days ago, where I was walking to work in -6 F degree weather.

I caught a little bit of the Army/Navy Game, but time was a-movin’, so I cut that short and headed to the hotel’s little fitness center. I had been thinking about doing the stationary cycle, which I hadn’t done in a while. They have a nice little stationary recumbent, so I did. 15 minutes, Interval setting. After that, Systema push ups followed by a thorough dynamic stretching session. Then hit the jacuzzi for 15-20 minutes, which made it just right to get back, shower, etc. getting ready for the office party.

Which turned out mighty nice, I must say. Kudos to our organizers. A good time was had by all, and in fact, as I write this, I think they are *still* having a good time. Cheers. 🙂

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I was just at my friend Nicki’s, and her cousin Amanda’s combined birthday party. Apparently, Tom Selleck is well thought of here:

Tom Selleck cake at Nicki and Amanda's birthday party.

Tom Selleck cake at Nicki and Amanda's birthday party.


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I loooove a good review, usually of the ripping the movie apart variety, but done in a funny way. Here’s one I found that was pretty hysterical, similar to two of my all-time favorite reviews, the one of The Perils of Gwendoline, and the one for John Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows series.

Now, understand, even though this review had me guffawing, I LOVE this movie. For a lot of reasons that don’t make sense to anyone, really, but it’s one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one, so I can’t enjoy it with anyone. Ah, more’s the pity…

But for your viewing pleasure, here’s the trailer:

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Yes, I know that technically it’s pronounced like “rogue” vice “moon.” But anyway:

And he plays a nice piano version of it, much more recently:

Still good.

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Saw the movie Yes Man. Good fun, lots of laughs in the theater.

I thought that it would be kinda lame, and for the first couple of minutes it was a little slow. But after that it took off, and it was the Jim Carrey magic again. One of the friends I was with said that she thought it was the best Carrey movie since The Mask.

I don’t know about that, I’ve liked several of them. But it was good. Not really necessary to see in the theatre, except to enjoy the reactions audience.

Zooey Deschanel was quite fun, engaging, and cute. As per usual. And I do so love Terrence Stamp.

I say: See It.

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