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Looks like the formatting stuck. Yay!

Now if I can just recreate what I had been talking about earlier. it was a brilliant post, I assure you–I think I was about to solve all of the world’s major problems. If only I could remember…


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New Post

I checked the faq and saw that others were having the same problem. I noticed that somehow I had a new tab when posting, a “Visual,” when all I had seen before was the “Code” view.

The faq answer went through other users that had the same problem, and suggests they turn off “Enable Visually Rich Editor,” under the Users tab in the Dashboard.

That’s what I’ve done–somehow I got the Visually Rich Editor turned on in mine at some point, so I’ve turned it off now. Let’s see how that works…

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Folks–I’ve been trying to post here for a little while, but I’ve run into problems. For some reason, my posts are not staying formatted after I write them (all the paras are running together, and the links don’t put up right), then try to edit them.I’ll try to rectify. If I can’t, well then it’s time to move on. Apologies…

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Hello world!

So, this is my first post here. I’ve been on Yahoo! 360 for a while, but it looks like they’re changing some stuff up. Also, I’ve been told that friends who want to post comments, can’t, unless they’re also a 360 user.

I’ve thought about Facebook, etc., but again, you have to register as a Facebook user, and I’m not sure that everyone wants to be locked in that way, and it’s only open to those who you’ve already connected with.

So, I’m trying WordPress out; if I like it, I’ll move over here. I’m an Open Source kinda guy anyway, so I like the philosophy of using it in just about any application.

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