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I’m always a sucker for a nice rack… πŸ˜›

Zone Rack Pix One

Zone Rack Pix One

Zone Rack Pix Two

Zone Rack Pix Two

Brother Dahood took these pix of some bikes and their interesting racks.

I likes. Next time I head out to The Zone and have to fight off mutants and/or zombies and/or Tim Thomerson and his band of rag-tag adventurers/pirates whilst looking for my Cherry 2000, I want this.


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Today’s workout was all about the Tabata Protocol as applied to kettlebells.

Started off warming up with a few LCCJ with the 24 kg bells, then went right into the Tabata interval sets with the 16 kg. Very simple: 20 seconds snatch as quick as you can, left hand, 10 seconds break, 20 seconds snatch right hand, 10 second break, 20 seconds snatch left hand, and so on.

Eight rounds total snatches, which meant four rounds each arm and four minutes total. After a little break, I did the same thing for eight rounds with the jerk (which sort of morphed into an explosive push press because of timing). Then cool down and stretching.

Felt pretty good, and I definitely felt I earned my dinner of steak and veggies, with kefir as dessert.

Earlier today, my neighbor James and I headed off to parts known and unkown on the bikes–beautiful day for a ride, though the air seemed a bit chilly. Introduced him to “saltfish” for brekkies.

Friday night was an interesting experimental night with the longswords. I’ve been coaching the roommate a little in Systema practices, including some knife work. So for longsword practice we used some of the same training techniques involving putting the point on the body and using it to push the body. Good stuff.

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This time last week, I was illin’. And I don’t mean in a cool, hip-hop kinda way. I mean, I felt like somebody had beaten me with a baseball bat. I went to bed early, woke up early, felt blech, took some more aspirin, and went back to bed. Called in to work to let ’em know I wasn’t coming in.

This week I’m feeling much better (and not just because of the Pittsburgh win, woo hooo!). I can walk a bit now. You see, somehow, and I’m still not sure how it happened, but I flayed the skin from the bottom and sides of the last toes of my right side. Badly.

One of the problems with having a good healing factor and a high pain tolerance is that you risk letting injuries go longer than perhaps you should, and every now and again it catches up with you. 99% of the time, a little sunlight and fresh air and not worrying about it will let your body heal. At least in my case, that’s been true over and over again. I’d get a cut, for instance, and just keep going, not worrying about a bandage. Just let it bleed for a few to clean it out and the clotting/healing factor takes care of the rest.

However, in this case, I noticed a little discomfort down under my toes, but didn’t think anything about it. I think I rug burned them doing a pretty vigorous barefoot workout a couple of weeks before. As is my wont, I hit the jacuzzi several times, the last time last Saturday when I visited my bro up in D.C.

I think that’s what did me in. I ended up walking about with somewhat moist and tenderized skin, and had exposed the already ripped open areas to harsh chemicals, ending up in something like a chemical burn. I mean, I ended up losing several layers of skin, and they were really raw, and healed like burns.

I’m not absolutely sure about that, but it’s the best I’ve come up with. I was worried about spider bites, but it didn’t seem to fit the bill. When I came back from my bro’s, I started feeling sick, and I thought maybe I caught a head/throat cold he was getting. But I had no head/throat symptoms. And when I took off my shoes and socks, I had the old red, swollen toe. Fortunately, I had just picked up some bacitracin and liquid bandage, and quickly applied them to the raw areas. At that point, I suspected that it was an infection of the foot, not of the sinus that was making me feel bad.

I still felt like every joint hurt and weak, though. But in the morning after I finally got up, I felt much better. The redness and everything had gone down, but the skin was peeled way back. Seemingly almost to the muscle fascia. Probably not really, but that’s what it was starting to look like.

So I stayed home and rested and slept most of the day away, and kept my weeping toes mostly wrapped up. As the week progressed, the toes seemed to marginally get better, but I ended up having to almost literally run back and forth between meetings and visitors I had to attend to at work, spending many late nights there. By Thursday, the toes felt pretty okay, but I was getting a blister somewhere else, as a result of the toe wrappings causing the outer edge of the foot to friction my shoe so much. So again, had a red a swollen toe, this time the pinkie toe. Looked like an infected blister or hair follicle. This time I applied a sterilized needle to the protruding blister, and liberally slathered the area with the bacitracin (which apparently rocks! ‘Course, I think the last time I had anything but a topically applied antibiotic was literally over 20 years ago.).

Next day I didn’t go to work (had already filled up my hours) and spent the day without shoes or socks on. The red, swollen-ness was gone, and at the end of the day I noticed that a lot of the skin had filled in on two of the toes, though the pinkie toe still had a ways to go, and I couldn’t tell if it was still shedding, or filling in.

Saturday found me wrapping only two toes, but I had agreed to go to dinner with friends, so it was most of the day with no shoes or socks, then hobble-hobble to dinner.

Today, a week after feeling so bad, I felt good enough to go on a motorcycle ride with my neighbor this morning (and get some breakfast, and unusual move for me), though it was a bit painful still to shuffle around. I took a shower afterward and just left any dressing off, to let the toes get exposed to light and air. And after dealing with that sensitive raw skin under the pinkie toe all day, I think it’s finally firmed up a bit. Or maybe I’m just numb to it… πŸ˜€

Today's ride (01 Feb 2008).

Today's ride (01 Feb 2008).

It’s still uncomfortable, but livable. I don’t relish the idea of tramping about in shoes tomorrow, I’ll tell you that for nothing. But I’ve got miles to go before I sleep, so I’ll end up going in. Even though staying shoe/sock free has been the ticket so far. Maybe all I needed of that was a couple days worth. But I’m aggravated with it, ‘coz that’s two weeks I’ve missed of some good, hard, fun training. Grrrr!

Well, I guess that’s one way to get random, unpredictable workouts, eh?

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I noticed that one of the searches hitting my page was for “blackwater” and “davis,” and it made me go back and take a look at my original post. The original post has a mention of the YouTube video for the quads portion of the Blackwater 100, and you have to go over to my Vodpod to find it.

Well, since then, WordPress made it easier to embed videos (or maybe I just figured it out), so I thought I’d update the post and embed the vid. However, going back to YouTube, I see that the original poster of the video has added the Day Two video of the Route 93 crossing for the two-wheelers. So I’ll embed that for ya.

One thing I noticed–which doesn’t bear mentioning except to true dirtheads of a certain age, is that most of the bikes I see there do have the mono-shock rear suspension, by this time. I remember when that was a big deal and people were still debating the efficacy and safety of the design. I think at the time my family visited the race, that was still a very big question, and indeed most bike were still of the two-shock rear suspension.

My brother’s Yamaha XT 200 has two, if I remember correctly. This last year, my Uncle Dan took the bones of that one down to his place in Georgia and is restoring it. I bet it’s a real peach, now! πŸ˜€

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The Beast

I couldn’t help myself. I made the mistake of buying a motorcycle magazine Friday. Today was too clear not to ride. At least it was above 40ΒΊF. Barely.


The Beast has awakened, and needs to be ridden. I know the feeling sometimes. πŸ˜€

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… And that’s just what I did today (with apologies to Arlo Guthrie). Temp was up to 50ΒΊ F or so, and he hadn’t been run in a while. During the last part of my workout at a rest set, I went ahead and started it up, just thinking I wanted to run the engine and get it warm.

Buuuuut, it was a nice day, so I threw on the long underpants and jeans and went for a spin. The air seemed a bit sharper than 50, especially when whipping down the highway, but nothing unmanageable. Nice ride. Stopped at the local Chinese place for breakfast, a very late breakfast at 1700 or so (again with the IF thing today). Grabbed some ice cream and headed home.

Prior to all that, I had done about 30 minutes or so of longsword work, primarily focussed on heavy bag impact with Krumphau and Zwerchau (the “cross strike”). The followed up with a kettlebell session.

Did several two-hand lifts today. Started with what I think some are calling the “kettlebell squat thrust,” if I remember correctly, which consists of squatting with the bells in racked position (cleaned), then standing up explosively to push the bells to full overhead extension. Good one. I think my mate across the pond, Rob, mentioned them in his blog somewhere. Since I only have differently sized bells, not any two of the same weight, I do a few reps, the switch the heavier and lighter bells around to the other hands.

I was only using the 16 and 24 kg bells for this one, but I felt it. Although I would like to use the same weight bells for these exercises sometime, I kind of like using differently weighted ones. Gives and extra challenge with balance and core stability.

Then I did the “Two Hands Anyhow” with the two small bells again, screw-pressing the 24 up, then windmilling down to pick up the 16 kg. Again, do a few reps, then switch the hands to the different weights.

Finished up the routine (whilst waiting for the bike to warm up) with the simple front squat, using the 32 and 24 kilogram bells. A good little workout, and a change of pace from the high-rep timed sets of yesterday. Good for recovery and working more on the grind. Then a stretch and a shower. Ready to ride. Yeah!

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Speaking of Wheels

Just took the Big Red Beast out for a ride. No, not that big red beast, you sillies… the bike! πŸ™‚

It was in the mid-forties (ΒΊF), and sunny when we started. The sun quickly went away during the ride. I heard snow’s supposed to be coming here a bit later; we’ll see about that.

But it had been a while since I had run the engine, and my neighbor James wanted to run his and keep the batts charged, so we sort of both suggested to the other about taking a ride. I needed to go down to the bike shop and finally spring for a real cover, anyway. I’ve been (cleverly, I might add) using a XL gas barbecue cover, which in some ways was nice, but it’s getting pretty worn, so… so we did. And it was nice.

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