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Haven’t logged much in a little while. Been doing small, sporadic little workout sessions, mostly picking up the kettlebell for a few drills, some qi gong and yoga exercises, and a good longsword session.

Today, I went hardcore. A little strength, a litte METCON. A good bit of sweat. I think I needed it. I’d been feeling out of sorts for a couple of days–achy and a little bummed. Maybe an energy let-down after a high-e week where we let our excellent product at work loose.

In any case, today I started off with several minutes of double heavy bag striking. I like working with my two bags. Adds interesting tactics to my multiple striking options. Fun! 🙂

I then did a variety of kettlebell movements, working a lot of different angles and areas. That led to an energetic six-minute kbell swing session. Using the 24 kg bell, I did both two-hand and single-hand swings, taking breaks to catch my breath.

Followed that up with 10 reps each side of the twisted press (24 kg kbell), then 5 or 10 each side of the two hands windmill, with the 24 kg bell on the high side of the windmill and the 32 kb bell on the low side.

Then I did one of my absolute favorite exercises, the long cycle clean and jerk (LCCJ). 10 each side, 24 kg kettlebell. For some more ab work, I used the 24 kg bell for 10 each side of the half Turkish Get Up.

And to cap it all off, I went back to the venerable two-handed swing, for five minutes with the 32 kg bell. Forearms were still there, but barely. Mostly smoked.

Breathing, stretching and light meditation to recover. Booyah.

Music: Pandora Loreena McKennitt station.
Diet: Fasted since breakast (eaten at lunch time).


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So, I’m smugly proud of myself for the time being. Had another decent PT session. Short but sweet. Almost more of a tonic to calm me down for the evening. It’s been that kind of week.

I had a good, hard sweat fest earlier in the week, but I missed documenting it. But that’s okay. It was a good one. My abs were stiff for almost a week after it…

Tonight’s was another simple one, for the most basic of strength-endurance exercises: the kettlebell push press, and the kbell swing (and for variation, the high row).

The first set of tabata protocol was dedicated to the push press, using the 20/10 work/rest formula. Simply push press (PP) the 16 kg, left hand, 20 seconds, 10 sec rest; then 16 kg bell right hand PP 20 seconds, 10 sec rest. Immediately do the same with 24 kg bell, left and right. Took 30 secs rest, then the big bell (32 kg), left hand then right hand, and finish off with ab pullover crunches with the 16 kg bell.

About a minute rest, then started two handed swings with the little bell for two cycles, then the high pull for two cycles. Grab the 24 kg bell and do two cycles of high pulls, and finish off with two cycles of the big bell for two handed swings.

I’m proud of my body because during cooldown and stretching I was sitting in the Japanese style of seiza (kneeling, sitting on your heels) and stretching out my quads. I hit *just* the right angle and my left knee POPPED out of joint, as it is wont to do in that position.

However, there was no pain, and I didn’t panic and try to jump up or anything. I just shifted position again, and the knee POPPED back into joint, with no feeling of pain or anything other then the physical sensation of the knee joint moving back into a tenable position and the noise of the joint parts rubbing and shifting back into place.

I kept stretching, going to cat pose, then child pose, then cobra, and then got up calmly; no pain, stiffness or any reminder except perhaps a virtual “something happened down there” type of awareness. Yayyy!!! After years of healing, that makes me very happy. I kneed ( 🙂 ) to keep working it, getting stronger, so that it stays in place better. I’ve always had loose joints; I’ve never had a serious bone injury, I’m one of those people that have been hit up in the joints, instead. For all that I’ve been through over the years, I MAY have had a bone bruise, or maybe break or crack or something, but other than a broken wrist (the cartilage in the joint, note), I’ve never had a bone injury that I could tell was actually an injury.

I suppose if I had real thorough bone scan, the doc might say, “Oh, here, and here, and here, you’ve had micro-fractures,” or something. But I look at diet and exercises as primary ways to help increase bone density, health, and healing. I mean, I literally train with weights like I do for the bone and joint health aspect, as much as for the heart health. The actual ability to perform athletically and have stronger muscle comes in a bit second, though that is important to me as well.

Well, happy training everyone. I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight, to get a jump on getting to work very early tomorrow!

Non-fasting day
Music: Fatboy Slim; The Greatest Hits – Why Try Harder

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Newest tune from The Aquatic Ape Theory:


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Recovering from a good one, today. Basically a variation on the CFT Variation 3 (Combined w/UAW). This time, for the Pre- and Post-Fatigue sections, I did several of the exercises for 15 counts instead of a steady 10. And for the Core, I did quick-time snatches, starting off with the 32 kg.

Start left arm, when form degenerates, switch to right arm, stop when form degenerates again. Pick up 24 kg, repeat. Pick up 16 kg, repeat. I didn’t count reps, or time it, just did it until I was worried about flinging the bell out of my hand, or not being able to breathe. Took time in-between arms to catch breath or spit as necessary.

All to the soothing strains of White Zombie (Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds), until the cooldown/stretch, then it was some more Ultima Thule podcast.

Hafta admit, I was surprised how well I managed to keep up. After being sick for a month, and a hard Tabata workout Sunday, I expected to be dragging and wheezing a lot more. Ah well, there are other days to crank up the heat… 😀

Now it’s time for that steak!

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Here’s a new one from titanium soul:

Just a short little piece that I was working with. It was actually inspired by a piece by Philip Sheppard from the Science Channel program “Moon Machines.”

In other (but maybe related news, now that I think about it…), my mom’s latest PET scan (no, not for the cat 🙂 ) came back negative for any sort of cancer or growths. Cancer free, baby!! Woo hoo! Obviously, that’s great news. The week before her scan, the doctor felt around her neck, which had been so swollen before, and couldn’t feel anything abnormal.

He said it was remarkable, given that her treatment had been so… oddball. Just to refresh, before she had discovered she had cancerous growths, she had been super dehydrated and unable to eat, so when they took her in they put a feeding tube in her just in order to get water and food into her. She already was very weak and had lost like, 60 lbs.

Then they found out that she had cancerous growths, one on her epiglottis and one in the side of here neck–which is why she couldn’t eat or drink without choking.

So the treatment program was several weeks of radiation, and three sessions of chemo. However, after getting home right right after her second chemo treatment, on the day before Thanksgiving, she had a heart attack.

Back in the hospital… her rads and chemo were suspended while she recovered from that, but then she had an episode of ventricular defibrillation. We had the defibrillator put in, but her heart was irritable, and she kept getting the **** shocked out of her, until they were able to get back in there and tune the defib to less sensitivity.

Once that was all stabilized, she got to continue the radiation, but the chemo was indefinitely suspended. She ended up not going back for that, as it was deemed too stressful.

Apparently, once you start radiation therapy, you only have so many weeks you can do it before the course has to stop, for safety reasons. So in order to get as much treatment in during the open window, they doubled up her daily sessions, so that she had two a day.

All this while, she was living in the hospital. Thanksgiving… Christmas… New Year’s… finally, the radiation course was over. They had been moving her from Acute Cardiac Care, to lesser and lesser intensive care rooms, ’til she was what was in basically a nursing home wing of the hospital, which amounted to a hotel where nurses would come in periodically to giver her medicine. At the same time, she was going through a light version of physical therapy in order to rehab her from the heart attack… and so much bed rest.

Finally, she got to go home in late January, and it was already noted how much her neck size had returned to normal, and she was back to eating some solid food and drinking fluids, though she still needed the tube in to get most of her calories.

So, a great big thank you to all friends and family who dropped by to see her, and for the doctors and nurses who treated her, and all the kind thoughts and prayers of all you who did so. And of course, to God and the Universe for her healing.

In that light, I think I’ll dedicate the above song to my mom, Sharon. May sunlight always break through for you!

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Yes, I know that technically it’s pronounced like “rogue” vice “moon.” But anyway:

And he plays a nice piano version of it, much more recently:

Still good.

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Looks like my friend Scott Simons is gonna be back in DC for a “Christmas” show… (buuut–you’re… oh, nevermind… 😉 ).

Here’s a song from his new album, that was used in a WVU commercial: Start Of Somthing. Nice.

Here’s some of his work with his former bandmates, the Argument:

Enjoy. 🙂

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