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Keeping my promise to myself, I did the PT thing this morning, after a morning hot tea (white jasmine tea–the last bag).

It was fairly intense; I definitely was spouting sweat and getting some breathing in.

Simple Tabata protocol for kettlebells and some bodyweight stuff. At first, I thought my GYMBOSS had had it. It was blank, and wouldn’t turn on–I put a new battery in it, and it still wouldn’t turn on. Then I happened to notice the little “REBOOT” indent in the side. I took a paperclip and applied it, and voila! It turned right back on. Makes me think I wasted a battery… 😦

So, I had that going for me…

Started off with eight rounds of 20 seconds doing jerks with the big bell (32 kg). You know the drill–20 sec left hand, 10 sec rest, 20 sec right hand, etc. for eight cycles. That only really amounts to four cycles a hand. But, oddly enough, you still feel it… 🙂

That was the first total round. Took a minute rest, then I took the medium bell (24 kg) and did the same operation with LCCJ (long cycle clean and jerk). Minute rest.

Took a break from the kbell thing and did the same protocol for abs, starting with V-ups, then crunches, then alternating crunches, etc. finishing up with four sets of alternating side planks (20 sec each). Minute rest.

Finally, back to the bells for eight cycles with the baby bell (16 kg) doing simple one-handed swings (alternating). I really paid attention to my breathing pattern for this, esp once I hit my groove about half-way through the round. “Leading with the breath,” as the Systema people say. In other words, starting the breath action slightly ahead of the rest of the physical action: start to inhale–swing the bell up… at the height of the swing, start to exhale–drop the bell into the low part of the swing. Repeat. Interesting experience.

At the end, do the cool-down/stretch thing, and it was good. Nice way to start the morning! Again, continuing the fast from yesterday was no problem (broke fast for lunch today).


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I’ve actually felt pretty good this trip out to Colorado Springs; no massive headaches or super-plugged up sinuses–things like that. As I left Virginia, it was just getting above 7 degrees F. Last couple of days here in the Springs, it’s been gorgeous; yesterday in the high 40s, today in the 50s, maybe above. I’m still a little dry in the sinuses, but nothing too terrible. I also haven’t PT’d until today. Don’t know if that has anything to do with the good health.

Or the fact that I took one of those fake pseudofeds the morning of my flight, then a couple prophylactic Nyquil liqua-gels the first night I got here. In any case, it was time to hit the little gym here in the hotel.

Nice little workout. I’ve been reading the Born to Run book by Christopher McDougall, and now that my ankle is so much better, I was inspired to do a little running. Just in socks, naturally, on the treadmill. Just a relaxed little jaunt about 10 minutes. It was nice, getting back into the swing of things. Ankle turned out fine, feet were just fine. At first I was concerned about my feet not being used to barefoot running anymore, but when I thought about it, I remembered that I almost *always* PT barefoot. So actually, my feet are pretty strong and had no problems at all. Felt great. And I only did 10 minutes, varying the angle of the treadmill and the speed at which I was running. Never made it a chore, just kept it enjoyable. So, that was nice.

After that, I did various bodyweight activities; pull ups, pushups of various flavors, v-ups, skipping (really), and some other stuff, built more around an interval, “play-style” of effort. Got a little out of breath there in the altitude, and a little sweaty, but it wasn’t a grind, do-or-die type session. Got some goodness with it though. Feel great now, and I’m on a fasting day.


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Good little PT tonight. Five minutes “warm-up”/martial arts striking and moving practice, followed by 15 minutes of “High Octane Cardio (HOC).”

As I have discussed before, this version of HOC is basically an interval training session that mixes weights (bodyweight and kettlebell) with a bit of running as a cool-down between high-intensity sets.

In this case, I started mixed various push-up modes with two-handed kettlebell swings. It looked something like:

– Start off with 10 “dive-bomber” push-ups
– Running/walking/movement recovery set
– Two-handed kettlebell (24 kg) swings until breathing heavily and heart rate up
– Running/walking/movement recovery set
– 10 “triangle” push-ups
– Running/walking/movement recovery set
– Two-handed kettlebell swings until breathing heavily and heart rate up
– Running/walking/movement recovery set
– 10 standard push-ups
– Recovery set
– Rinse and repeat until 15 minutes are up

Finished off with five minute cool-down/stretching session. Good session, sweaty–got the heart going, got some good pump on the arms.

Nice. Now it’s shower time!

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