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For the last couple of workouts, I did basically what I did and cataloged in Saturday’s, directly below. Qi gong breathing exercises, then focus on a few kettlebell drills.

Don’t remember exactly what I did the earlier day, but today’s kettlebell component was:
– Single hand swings, several each side (24 kg)
– LCCJ, several each side (24 kg)
– Windmills, 10 each side (24 kg)

Diet: Fasted since yesterday evening.
Music: Pandora Calm Meditation station.


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Today’s epoch of goodness was brought to you by Mssrs. Tsatsouline, York, and Tabata.

After being banged around by my new kite a coupla Saturdays ago (a workout in itself!) I took it easy for a few days to let my whiplash and wrenched shoulder heal up. After a few days, I did a workout or two, going easy on the shoulder, first, then almost back to normal.

Today, I went for a pretty good extended session. After some loosening up moves, I cranked up the tabata sets (20 sec on/10 sec rest) to 20, for a more extended sustained strength workout consisting of kettlebell snatches (switch hands every set) with the baby bell (16 kg). Which makes it a 10 minute interval set, altogether.

Then went for barbell bar, after five reps left and right hand kettlebell side press (32 kg bell), to do five reps deadlifts (265 lbs/120.2 kg). Rested/demonstrated to roommate some lifts like the two-hands anyhow then back to the side press. First set seemed to hurt the right shoulder a bit, this second set felt better. Felt pretty good, so added 22 lbs to the bar, for five more deads at 287 lbs/131.2 kg.

Why so light, you ask? Still building back up, and taking it slow. Plus, I’m doing it in a context that includes fatiguing exercises first, so I don’t want to damage myself by being *too* eager. I know I can do more, but I’m working on making sure I’m structurally sound (i.e. tendons & ligaments & joints & such) first.

Cooldown and stretching followed.

Overall, felt really good. Right now, several hours later, I can feel a bit of soreness in my shoulders, but otherwise okay.

Today was a fasting day, up until dinner.

Music: Afro-Celt Sound System, POD

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Wow! It’s been a while since I posted any workout stuff! I’ve had some good ones, but seem to not have posted them here. Ah well, today’s was a good one. Another one where I could feel my front teeth getting tingly, almost numb, which happens when I’m getting a little hypoxic from not being able to keep my breath up with my work.

Which means a good, hard PT session.

Today’s was all about the ol’ Controlled Fatigue Training protocol (“CFT,” see Physical Training page to the right).

For the “Pre-Fatiguing,” I started off with five minutes of jumping rope, without the rope. Because it’s a bit of a hassle inside, I used my 1.5 lb. heavy hands. It was definitely a good breather, and I could feel some arm fatigue from that.

For the “Core” workout, I followed the “jump rope” with two Tabata rounds doing the two-handed kettlebell swing, using the CFT progression: Heavy, Medium, Light, Medium, Heavy, Medium, Light. Using my 32 kg, 24 kg, and 16 kg for Heavy, Medium, and Light, respectively.

I did the two rounds using that progression; seven sets of the 20 sec work/10 sec rest Tabata
protocol. That was energetic.

For the “Post-Fatigue” portion, I did five minutes of simple long cycle clean and jerks (LCCJ) using the 24 kg kettlebell. And then obviously finished up with a nice cooldown and stretching session, featuring some exaggerated “Cuban motion” style salsa moves, to make sure my hips and lower back were loosened back up.

Today was a fasting day.

Music: Afro-Celt Sound System, POD album.

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Well, it’s been a busy Fall so far. Lots of travel. I was quite enjoying the TACFIT Kettlebell cycle I was on. I got a good way through, but had to break for a couple of weeks due to travel for work and fun. And the Thanksgiving holiday, natch.

Whilst I was away on fun break (Costa Rica for a friend’s wedding), I did manage to get a bit of swimming in, along with (believe it or not) stunt kiting on the beach (rough life!) and just generally walking around a lot. When I wasn’t sitting in a well-shaded cafe on the beach imbibing either coffee or beer…

So anyway, I’m going to start another TACFIT Kettlebell cycle, but I thought I’d switch things up for a week or two before jumping on the highly structured program.

I needed a good jumpstart after laying low so long, so I hit the bells for the last three days, for some pretty good intensity. I added just a touch of the yoga-like recovery moves from the TACFIT stuff. That really seemed to help me out with joints and flexibility.

Friday was a fairly complex set, which I’ve detailed before. Using the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds on/10 seconds rest, for eight sets, I did three rounds, giving me a pretty heavy sweat session.

Friday (Fasting Day)
Round One
– Snatches, Tabata Set 20/10 (16 kg)

Round Two
– LCCJ, Tabata Set 20/10 (24 kg)

Round Three
– Two-handed Swings, Tabata Set 20/10 (32 kg)

Cooldown/Recovery Stretching

Saturday saw me doing the De Vany progression, light weight for 15 reps, medium for 10 or 8 (I think it was 10), and heavy for 5. I used the three kettlebells for that progression, obviously from lightest (16 kg) to heaviest (32 kg), doing military presses.

Round One
– Military Presses, 15 reps each hand (16 kg)

Round Two
– Military Presses, 10 reps each hand (24 kg)

Round Three
– Military Presses, 5 reps each hand (32 kg)

Cooldown/Recovery Stretching

Sunday I went even a bit simpler in one way; just two exercises and fewer reps and sets. This was from Pavel’s old “Power To The People” protocol. Normally I’d use deadlifts for the pulling/leg sets, but I just focused on legs more than pulling.

Sunday (Fasting Day)
Round One
– Military Presses, 5 each hand (32 kg)
– Squats, 5 on EZ Curl Bar (145 lbs)

Round Two
– Military Presses, 5 each hand (32 kg)
– Lunges, Squats, and Overhead Squats, 5-10 ?, on the EZ Curl bar (145 lbs)

Cooldown/Recovery Stretching

I left out a bit of stuff, but that was the core. In addition, I did some good heavy bag work, unarmed and with stick and waster. Also some combat stance-type stuff. I grabbed the big bar and deadlifted it partially, to see if I wanted to go for a set of those, but let it go. Later.

As sweaty as I was from Friday’s PT, I was noticeably less so on Saturday, and almost didn’t sweat at all (seemingly) tonight. But that’s not too unexpected, given that Friday was a heck of a METCON workout, whereas today was maybe technically more weight, but shorter and real short sets.

Also, the keen-eyed will note that I have periodization cycles (or “waves”) within periodization cycles. Not that Friday was hardcore METCON, a lot of intensity, many reps over a reduced time. Saturday was a “grind” workout with many less reps over all and not under the clock. There was no ballistic effort allowed in the strict military press, thereby enforcing a disadvantaged lift (making the weight seem heavier). Finally, on Sunday, I was basically doing a pure power/strength set with really low reps and heavier weight.

Within the workout on Friday, we also see that each set, by virtue of being Tabata, is periodized from high intensity, to no intensity, AND I went up in weight and lowered the rep count during the whole event. Saturday was similar, going from high reps/low weight, to low reps/high weight. Again, Sunday was a much simpler plan–no real “wave” going on with it, except I made sure to do the lower weight exercise first, then immediately follow with the higher weight.

So you can see that the overall three days was “waved” from high rep focus, to medium rep, to the final day with low reps, higher weight. And that progression was mirrored *within* the workout itself. Waves within waves. That’s similar in philosophy to the “Big Beyond Belief” system I’ve talked about before (and you can refer to on my workouts page).

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Ahh, summer. Today was only up in the mid-nineties (ºF) and about 1000% humidity during the middle of the day, so I decided to take a run with my jo.

About thirty minutes later, back at home, I grabbed my new sword trainer (steel blunt) and went whacking at my new pell the roommate and I put up a few days ago. Good forearm work, there.

My new pell.

Finished off with some kettlebell jerks, cleans, and then some sumo squats.

Today’s been a fasting day. I’m thawing some frozen shrimps, and will probably add them to an omelet. Yums!

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Short entry today, hopefully. Got home after the long traffic ride, threw the wrestling shoes on, drank a buncha H2O. Waited for a few, then hit the blacktop (and the rocky shoulder) for about a 35 minute run/walk in the stifling heat, humidity, and lawn mower exhaust/cut grass/mulch-throwing gauntlet.

Got back to the house and did a straight five-minute LCCJ session, switching hands on the minute. Took it real slow, concentrating on breathing and feeling the energy flow.

Cool-down and shower-time! Oh, yeah, and this is a fasting day.

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Sitting here cooling down… see, this is what happens when I don’t have anything else going on: I get bored and PT over and over…

Tonight was a nice light run/walk combo for a few klicks. Basically, roughly around a quarter mile walking (or whatever that is in meters… 402.336 by my converter), then some running, then walking, etc. Close to 36 minutes of it.

I ran with Jo, my four foot jo staff, for some added resistance, and to sort of emulate holding something on only one side or the other, like a spear or bow and arrow from the hunter/gatherer days.

Very comfortable in the dusk. Wearing my wrestling shoes was very comfortable as well, allowing me to hit the ground softly; though I did come into some contact with a couple of pieces of obnoxious gravel when I went over to the shoulder to let cars pass.

Earlier today, I was privileged to have my roommate join me in the morning session. It was the typical Tabata kettlebell protocol. He had the baby bell (16 kg), and I had Ivan (24 kg).

As usual, go 20 seconds lifting, followed by 10 seconds rest, for a total of eight segments. Rest one minute plus between rounds. It went a little somethin’ like this:

First Round
– Long Cycle Clean and Jerk (LCCJ)
– Alternate hands each segment

Second Round
– Jerks
– Alternate hands each segment

Third Round
– Cleans
– Alternate hands each segment

Fourth Round
– Abs
– Various, including side and forward planks for 20 seconds

Fifth Round
– Swings
– Alternate between either hand, and both hands together

Finish off with cooldown and stretching. ‘Twas a good one–we both had the slight onset of nausea, but not enough to really be bothersome. It was near the end of a 24-hour fasting period, so I waited until noon-ish or so and went to get some grub.

Saturday, though, I couldn’t seem to get off the ground workout-wise, alas. I kept trying to get around to it, but… just… couldn’t… get… motivated, Spock. Made up for it today.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but basically it’s kind of been the same so far this summer. I’ve been busy, so I don’t seem to get into it too much during the week, but on the weekend I’m getting PT in during workouts, and by doing a lot of play. Swimming, hiking, fencing, volleying a huge, heavy beach ball, etc.


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