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Simple stuff this morning–back to the basics. Straight out of Pavel’s Power To The People (PTTP). Sometimes I just like to do something simple and raw, and that’s what this is. Pure power up.

Grabbed the 32 kg kettlebell and did five military presses on the left, then five on the right. Then the long bar for deadlifts. Just three singles. I’m not sure about doing heavy weight in the morning, though. That first time up was a struggle. By the third, though, I pretty easily lofted it. Maybe I need to better prepare for it or something.

Today’s DL was whatever I had left on the bar since last time from a few months ago. Lessee: just 331 lbs., so not super-heavy. But feel-able.

Speaking of feeling… did it with my NationKilt on, to see how that goes. Even though it’s already plenty warm today, that bar went up *under* the kilt, and let’s just say–that bar is *chilly*!! O.O



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This was a fencing night, and after walking all over Alexandria today, I still got to the University in time for two decent bouts. In my new NationKilt. I went up to Alexandria for a kilt fitting. I had been interested in Utilikilts for sme time now. Finally, i decided it was time to strike, so I found a place that does the measuring, and had some there to boot, to try on.

The proprietor of The Kilted Nation, Brad, also makes his own, inspired after his wearing of Utilikilts for some years now, and has thought about some things he’d like to do to them to make them more livable for him. I tried on some Utilikilts, and some of his “Nation Kilts.” I liked ’em both, but the improvement that I really liked, and what pretty much decided me is that his are adjustable in the waist and hip area,which is something that worried me about the Utilikilts. They require precision-fitting, and I’ve would just rather have the adjustable feature when you’re shelling out so many bucks for a garment. Aaaaaaand the Nation Kilts are a bit cheaper right now. Don’t get me wrong, though–still like the Utilies, and make get one of those in the future.

But the attraction for fencing for me is mobility. I usually fence in shorts that are about as long as the kilt, but having an inseam has caused me a problem. I can lunge pretty deep, and I actually ripped the whole inside of on of the legs and crotch out last year on a pretty energetic lunge. Test-fencing with the kilt today, I can see that that’s gonna be no problem. Very free, very comfy.

My brother Dave was with me; we did brunch at the Union Pub awaiting the opening of the kilt shop, then he proceeded to get one, also. He “lamented” that he may never be able to wear shorts again, the Nation Kilt was so comfortable.

But yes, after walking all over Alexandria today (in our kilts!!), the fencing proved to be a nice capper of a workout, short though it was. To jump back to Friday, that was also a fencing night, but of the historical variety. German longsword. Good little practice, learning “flourishes,” which are kata-like routines for practicing moves and more importantly the flow from position to position. Also, training in “aggressiveness,” meaning going to the fight not to just stand around and tippy-tap each other, but as if you were actually doing a battle, and trying to get the deciding hit in first.

The quote Chris said he’d heard was something like: “Step One is to go up and cave the other guy’s head in. Fencing is what happens when you fail Step One.” So going up and seizing the initiative was the drill set for the day.

Saturday was the run, run, run away part. It was such a beautiful day that I had to get outside. So I went out to the soccer fields up the hill behind the local Y. The intent was to do Tabata sprints sets of 20 second sprinting followed by 10 seconds walking/recovering, but my GYMBOSS ran out of juice, so the session was completely untimed. I don’t even know how long it lasted; somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

Without timing it, I just started walking, running, sprinting and walking/recovering, using that basic cycle for however long I was out there, before finishing off with some decline push ups (hands in various positions) from a bench beside the track. By “track” I’m not talking about a track like the track and field track in a stadium. I mean a dirt/gravel path that winds up and down around the whole set of soccer fields. The fields themselves were more or less level up on the top of the hill there, but that’s about it.

As I did it completely barefoot, I mostly stayed off the gravel and stayed on the grass. Most of my sprinting was done up the little hill from the bottom-most point of the whole thing across the set of fields (basically cutting the whole area in half) to the other side, and then walk/running to recover.

After all that goodness, it was to the jacuzzi and sauna inside the Y. Alas, the steam room was Out Of Order, so no extra steaming for me. But the other stuff was great! Oh, and it was a fasting day from a late snack Friday night to late dinner (2000 or so) on Saturday night (before going to see Clash of the Titans–good motivation for workin’ out, lemme tell ya!). 😀

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