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Feeling pretty exhilarated right–good PT session. I haven’t posted in a while…mostly just kettlebell swings, some overhead work, and a few sets of deadlifts. I’m trying to keep from bulking, which I tend to do too easily. But I do want to gain strength and lose some flab, so that’s what I’ve been working on.

I’ve been using a sort of carbohydrate cycling form of eating, similar to a cyclic ketogenic diet (CKD), but less severe. What Tim Ferriss is calling a “slow-carb” diet. What he does is basically allot 2/3 or so of your plate to plants, 1/3 to meats and eggs. About 1/2 of your plants are of your typical good, colorful veggies, and 1/2 or so are high-protein beans. If you don’t get enough beans, eat more meat. Avoid anything white (except cauliflower), and/or in the starch and sugar range. Do that for six days of the week, with a carb binge day for the seventh day.

That’s it.

Pretty simple, though I’ve not been as good at keeping to it as I could be. But I’m getting better every week. I do feel the difference, as far as strength, and general “good” feelings. I’d fallen into a sugar/hi-carb pit for a while. Now I’m back into way better eating.

For today’s light workout, I started with Yates pulls with my EZ curl bar, loaded with 135 lbs. Then up overhead for jerks, and bounced around to clean and jerks, and overhead squats. After a round of that, I added two 5.5 lb plates (they’re metric) for 146 lbs. Then played with the thing again, doing various things including all the above plus regular squats. Not a heavy weight, that, but it felt good without undo strain.

Then back to my current staple, the two-handed kettlebell swing. Simple. I did six rounds of 15 swings, then four of 20 swings with my middle bell (Wilson–24 kg) for a total of 170 swings. Then a bit of cooldown and stretching.

And I feel great! Goodly breathing and sweating, but not dead.

Diet: low carb day (yesterday was the carb binge day, what I’m calling the “high insulin day”)
Music: Pandora channels–Medeski, Martin & Wood, Femi Kuti (why do I like African music so much? Oh, well…), and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (been listening to them A LOT lately. The music is exciting and interesting, and I love the chick’s voice)


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Newest tune from The Aquatic Ape Theory:


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Recovering from a good one, today. Basically a variation on the CFT Variation 3 (Combined w/UAW). This time, for the Pre- and Post-Fatigue sections, I did several of the exercises for 15 counts instead of a steady 10. And for the Core, I did quick-time snatches, starting off with the 32 kg.

Start left arm, when form degenerates, switch to right arm, stop when form degenerates again. Pick up 24 kg, repeat. Pick up 16 kg, repeat. I didn’t count reps, or time it, just did it until I was worried about flinging the bell out of my hand, or not being able to breathe. Took time in-between arms to catch breath or spit as necessary.

All to the soothing strains of White Zombie (Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds), until the cooldown/stretch, then it was some more Ultima Thule podcast.

Hafta admit, I was surprised how well I managed to keep up. After being sick for a month, and a hard Tabata workout Sunday, I expected to be dragging and wheezing a lot more. Ah well, there are other days to crank up the heat… ๐Ÿ˜€

Now it’s time for that steak!

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Here’s a new one from titanium soul:

Just a short little piece that I was working with. It was actually inspired by a piece by Philip Sheppard from the Science Channel program “Moon Machines.”

In other (but maybe related news, now that I think about it…), my mom’s latest PET scan (no, not for the cat ๐Ÿ™‚ ) came back negative for any sort of cancer or growths. Cancer free, baby!! Woo hoo! Obviously, that’s great news. The week before her scan, the doctor felt around her neck, which had been so swollen before, and couldn’t feel anything abnormal.

He said it was remarkable, given that her treatment had been so… oddball. Just to refresh, before she had discovered she had cancerous growths, she had been super dehydrated and unable to eat, so when they took her in they put a feeding tube in her just in order to get water and food into her. She already was very weak and had lost like, 60 lbs.

Then they found out that she had cancerous growths, one on her epiglottis and one in the side of here neck–which is why she couldn’t eat or drink without choking.

So the treatment program was several weeks of radiation, and three sessions of chemo. However, after getting home right right after her second chemo treatment, on the day before Thanksgiving, she had a heart attack.

Back in the hospital… her rads and chemo were suspended while she recovered from that, but then she had an episode of ventricular defibrillation. We had the defibrillator put in, but her heart was irritable, and she kept getting the **** shocked out of her, until they were able to get back in there and tune the defib to less sensitivity.

Once that was all stabilized, she got to continue the radiation, but the chemo was indefinitely suspended. She ended up not going back for that, as it was deemed too stressful.

Apparently, once you start radiation therapy, you only have so many weeks you can do it before the course has to stop, for safety reasons. So in order to get as much treatment in during the open window, they doubled up her daily sessions, so that she had two a day.

All this while, she was living in the hospital. Thanksgiving… Christmas… New Year’s… finally, the radiation course was over. They had been moving her from Acute Cardiac Care, to lesser and lesser intensive care rooms, ’til she was what was in basically a nursing home wing of the hospital, which amounted to a hotel where nurses would come in periodically to giver her medicine. At the same time, she was going through a light version of physical therapy in order to rehab her from the heart attack… and so much bed rest.

Finally, she got to go home in late January, and it was already noted how much her neck size had returned to normal, and she was back to eating some solid food and drinking fluids, though she still needed the tube in to get most of her calories.

So, a great big thank you to all friends and family who dropped by to see her, and for the doctors and nurses who treated her, and all the kind thoughts and prayers of all you who did so. And of course, to God and the Universe for her healing.

In that light, I think I’ll dedicate the above song to my mom, Sharon. May sunlight always break through for you!

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Yes, I know that technically it’s pronounced like “rogue” vice “moon.” But anyway:

And he plays a nice piano version of it, much more recently:

Still good.

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Unapologetically mix The Byrds with The Doors, after marinating with Jimi Hendrix spiced with Blue ร–yster Cult, drag the mix kicking its pointy boots into the 21st century, and you have The Aliens.

Derivative, yet somehow original, I find them lightweight, yet strangely refreshing and addictive. Like Diet Sprite…

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According to my cousin Ron, our buddy Scott Simons (from the now-defunct band, the Argument) has a new album coming out on iTunes.

Also–if you end up for some reason watching the WVU game on Saturday (a definite tradition around here), you’ll hear his songs as background for the WVU commercials.

You can check him out at his MySpace or Facebook pages.

The forward from Rostrum Records:

Hello Scott Simons fans everywhere!

We are very excited to announce the long-awaited release of Scott’s solo debut ‘The Start of Something EP’ on iTunes this coming Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. We hope you will take a second to check out Scott’s MySpace to preview the first single ‘Start of Something’, as well as other music from the EP. Also, Scott has been blogging on MySpace about the songs and people behind the making of the EP. Scott’s other singles, the ‘Umbrella’ cover and ‘Ruin’, are currently available on iTunes, along with the past releases by the Argument.

Scott’s song ‘Start of Something’ will be featured on National TV and the web advertisements for West Virginia University. Look for the premiere of the commercial this Saturday when WVU Football plays. We’ll give you the direct weblink as soon as possible.

Throughout Scott’s career, his fan community has been his greatest promotion. Please take a second and forward this email to a friend, so we can let everyone know about Scott’s new music!

You can also keep in touch with Scott by visiting his MySpace and Facebook.

Way to go Scott! Hoo yah!

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