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Feeling pretty exhilarated right–good PT session. I haven’t posted in a while…mostly just kettlebell swings, some overhead work, and a few sets of deadlifts. I’m trying to keep from bulking, which I tend to do too easily. But I do want to gain strength and lose some flab, so that’s what I’ve been working on.

I’ve been using a sort of carbohydrate cycling form of eating, similar to a cyclic ketogenic diet (CKD), but less severe. What Tim Ferriss is calling a “slow-carb” diet. What he does is basically allot 2/3 or so of your plate to plants, 1/3 to meats and eggs. About 1/2 of your plants are of your typical good, colorful veggies, and 1/2 or so are high-protein beans. If you don’t get enough beans, eat more meat. Avoid anything white (except cauliflower), and/or in the starch and sugar range. Do that for six days of the week, with a carb binge day for the seventh day.

That’s it.

Pretty simple, though I’ve not been as good at keeping to it as I could be. But I’m getting better every week. I do feel the difference, as far as strength, and general “good” feelings. I’d fallen into a sugar/hi-carb pit for a while. Now I’m back into way better eating.

For today’s light workout, I started with Yates pulls with my EZ curl bar, loaded with 135 lbs. Then up overhead for jerks, and bounced around to clean and jerks, and overhead squats. After a round of that, I added two 5.5 lb plates (they’re metric) for 146 lbs. Then played with the thing again, doing various things including all the above plus regular squats. Not a heavy weight, that, but it felt good without undo strain.

Then back to my current staple, the two-handed kettlebell swing. Simple. I did six rounds of 15 swings, then four of 20 swings with my middle bell (Wilson–24 kg) for a total of 170 swings. Then a bit of cooldown and stretching.

And I feel great! Goodly breathing and sweating, but not dead.

Diet: low carb day (yesterday was the carb binge day, what I’m calling the “high insulin day”)
Music: Pandora channels–Medeski, Martin & Wood, Femi Kuti (why do I like African music so much? Oh, well…), and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (been listening to them A LOT lately. The music is exciting and interesting, and I love the chick’s voice)


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The weeks before this last, I was going through Scott Sonnon’s TACFIT Kettlebell. I had done the pre-recruit level with the 16 kg bell, and had a good time of it. A couple of weeks ago, I started training on the “Recruit”-level moves, and I really like them! I also upped the bell to the 24 kg for more intensity (for some of the sets).

But this last week, I’ve kinda gone back to basics for a little while (but sneakily adding in a couple of my fave TACFIT moves).

So, back to two-handed swings, using the 32 kg bell. Add the TACFIT “yaw press,” which is the standard military press while turning from one side to the other, and the “diagonal clean,” where you pull the clean from the foot opposite the hand you are using.


3 x 25 two handed kb swings (32 kg)
1 x 2 (each side) yaw press (32 kg)
Stretching and cooldown


Stick and empty hand heavy bag
3 x 30 two handed kb swings (32 kg)
1 x 10 two handed kb swings (32 kg)
2 x 2 (each side) yaw press (32 kg)
3 x 2 (each side) diagonal cleans + yaw press (32 kg)
Stretching and cooldown

Of note: for the last three sets, you’ll notice that I added diagonal cleans; I immediately followed each with a yaw press. DO NOT do this with any kind of weight unless you have a bombproof back and torso. In fact, neither the yaw press nor the diagonal clean should be attempted with heavies until you’ve built your torso up, let alone adding them together. I mean it.

In addition to just the normal forces involved in the military press and regular clean, you are adding rotation to the mix. That can be dangerous and cause injury unless you’ve trained up. Use no, or light weights unless you’re trained using your back and torso with rotation and weight. You’ve been warned.

I thought it felt great, but I’ve constantly trained my back and torso, and added the rotational weight lifting from both martial arts and kettlebell.

I’ve gotten back to cycling my carbs, so that I’m focused on eating a lot of protein, fat, and veggies for the majority of the week, with a carb spike day on Saturdays. Taking the cue from Tim Ferriss’ “Slow Carb Diet” from his 4-Hour Body book. Very similar to the ol’ “Anabolic Diet” from Dr. Mauro DiPasquale (recommended from the Big Beyond Belief book).

Music: Filter mix.

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