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Last coupla workouts were simplicity defined:

Sticking with the 32 kg kettlebell, a quick five minute Turkish Get Up session (with the last few seconds on the floor doing ab pullovers with the bell).

Back to basics with the “Ultimate Aerobic Workout,” as demonstrated on its page to the right. Hadn’t done that in a while, and my shoulder was taking it hard. The various push ups were not feeling too well, even with a warm-up consisting of posting and sit-outs. I still haven’t been fencing with the fencing folks in a while; my shoulder is just not up to that kind of stress. I can do a lot of different exercises, but when I fence O-style, it really seems to tear my shoulder up, alas, so I don’t do it when it’s not near 100%.

Ah well.

Music: Pandora “Yoga” mix (Arabic/Indian electronica/ambient).


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