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Back in Virginia, so time for some kbell physical training. Last night’s was simple, using a variant of the De Vany 15/8/5 protocol.

Sword strikes, side sword waster (air)

Left arm

15 cleans (16 kg)
8 cleans (24 kg)
5 cleans (32 kg)

Right arm

15 cleans (16 kg)
8 cleans (24 kg)
5 cleans (32 kg)

Left arm

15 half Turkish Get Ups (TGUs) (24 kg)

Right arm

15 half Turkish Get Ups (TGUs) (24 kg)

15 rapid squat-thrusts
10 dead lifts (260 lbs)

Cool down and stretching

Got it all in about 18 and a half minutes, with some good sweating and breathing. On the dead lifts, I did five with the mixed grip of having the left hand palm out and right hand palm in, then switched for the last five with left hand palm in, right hand palm out; also had a slight space in-between the first five and the second five as the roommate came in and spoke to me. Otherwise, it was all go, no rest.

As you can see, I am still going light on the deads, with rapid, multi-rep lifts, not grinds at this time. But I wanted to make sure and finish up with legs, and that hit them pretty good, without being too particularly intense. Enough to feel that I was lifting something, and engage a good mult-joint effort.

Later, I chomped down on some bison steaks that I had been marinating for several hours. Yums–then a dessert of a pile of blueberries with a little honey, sparkling mineral water, and a touch of red wine.


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In case you all haven’t been keeping up with the comments section, below, Rob from Kettlebell Training For Sport (see sidebar) has posted a video with music from his band, Waster. So, I wanted to give a shout out to him, and give the vid it’s own post:

Way to go, Rob! The rest of you all–listen and enjoy! Besides, you can’t go wrong with a name like “Waster,” that’s one of the tools we use to practice our longsword fencing with… :D.

Oh, and here’s my “reminds me of” statement: the sound (esp the lead vocals) reminds me a lot of Adam Stemple of such bands as Cats Laughing and Boiled in Lead.

And a little bit like the guy singing the D’ampton Worm song in the hysterical “Lair of the White Worm.”

And there you have it. Cheers.

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Good training day, today. My fencing buddy Paul made it up from Newport News, so a group of us that practice sword fighting of various types got together for some practice. Mostly longsword, but eventually, just about every weapon came out of the bag. Was good fun.

[Ed. Note: “schnitt” is the technique of slicing or a sliding cut, as opposed to the impact chop type of cut…]

I had received a Christian Tobler book (signed by the author!) when I purchased my waster, and reading it and practicing what I’ve read really accelerated my learning in the art. So I broke in my waster, and was able to perform the drills with no problem, whereas before I felt like I was practicing blind, even though I had attended a couple of times before.

I’ve handled enough sticks, swords, and other weapons that this stuff came right to me. Generally a weapon is a weapon–the fun part is finding some of the unique ways that it can solve tactical problems. I’m no master, and I have plenty of areas to improve, but what I do have is an “instinctual” feel for distance and time and an awareness of how things are happening around me. And a really good feel for making any implement an extension of my body. So weapon handling comes relatively naturally to me now.

I put “instinctual” in quotes because I don’t know if it truly is that, or just so much practice over so many years that it feels instinctual.

That and the fact that although I learn names of guards and techniques and such, my emphasis has shifted over the years to the principles behind what’s going on. I mean, I do a lot of research on this stuff, both physical and other (books upon books, videos, etc.), and I consider that training just as important as the actual physical motion of punch, kick, or cut.

After a long afternoon of training, we got some mexican chow, then picked up some videos to watch. Started off with an episode of the Muppet Show (guest star John Cleese), then into a really wild movie, Nightwatch. Maybe a review of that later, maybe not.


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So, last night, during some PT, my waster acquired its first real casualty.

I had done 5 min of good hard cardio with my Heavy Hands, and switched off to use the longsword waster for some heavy bag striking.

Sure enough, before I could even get a good hit in–BAM! went the light globe hanging from the overhead. Shattered glass pieces all over the carpeted floor. I had hit it with the waster. That thing has endless reach.

I had smacked it before, but only once or twice. At least once with the bokken, if I remember correctly, and I think once with the waster.

Really–having lived here now for 10 years (*gasp*!!!!), I would’ve expected them both to have come down by now. Between having several sets of roomies living down there, and the fact that I use the room for workouts and martial arts training… so I’m really quite happy with the longevity of those ceiling lights (there are two–well now, one–squashed looking glass globes hanging from the relatively low ceiling containing two bulbs each).

I’ve actually been thinking of finding a way to recess them. Maybe now’s my excuse… 🙂

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Okay, so I finally went and did it. Got me a waster. Ordered it a little while ago, and it finally arrived today.

“What’s a waster,” you say? Well, other than a relative or friend who sits around all day and smokes weed… 🙂

Basically, it’s the term for the wooden sword you use when practicing classical Western (as opposed to Eastern… not, “cowboy”) sword arts. As in, for battle, as opposed to either “Olympic-style” fencing (which I also do) or theatrical fence (which generally use either metal replicas or metal Olympic-style blades adapted for the situation).

Here’s a photo of the model I got, a longsword waster, from Purpleheart Armoury:

L7 Cherry Longsword Waster

A nicer photo of the same from Therion Arms:

L7 Cherry Longsword Waster Therion

And a close-up of the hilt, featuring the cherry pommel and crossguard:

L7 Cherry Longsword Waster Therion Hilt

Beautiful, no? But this beauty is also a beast! Rawr. With that in mind, the sword spoke its name to me: “Sibyl.” The Prophetess. The Priestess.

“The Sibyl, with frenzied mouth uttering things not to be laughed at, unadorned and unperfumed, yet reaches to a thousand years with her voice by aid of the god.” (Heraclitus, fragment 12)

Rawr again.

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