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Ahhh… back to my first real PT since I had LASIK a couple of weeks ago. The day after the surgery, I went right to the gym and hit the sauna/jacuzzi/steam room combo. I asked the doc if it would be okay. He wasn’t happy with it, but said, “Well, just make sure you don’t get anything in your eyes. You know, sweat and stuff.”

And so I took it really carefully, esp when showering afterward. A few days later, I repeated the performance. But tonight, I made it home in time for the Y to still be open, and took advantage of that. My hair was getting shaggy (didn’t have the nerve to risk getting hair bits in the eyes ’til now), so did the haircut first, then went to the gym.

As today is a fasting day, I didn’t know if I’d be too hungry to go for it, but actually, as usual, the workout blunts the hunger. (So did the cigar I had later this evening.) 🙂

Today’s was simple: Started off doing dumbbell clean and jerks, very light (only 20 lbs dumbbells) to warm up, then did the de Vany progression, heavier and heavier for fewer reps. Jumped on the bench for some V-ups.

Then I dropped a couple of the 115 pounders on the ground and proceeded to do dumbbell deadlifts. Granted, 230 is pretty light for DLs, but I didn’t want to bomb out first time ’round. Then I switched it up and did several sets of single side DLs (like lifting a suitcase) with the 115s. Did three reps one side, then switch sides, rest, then go again. Only problem with those is that they are hard on the hands because of the deep knurling, and I don’t use gloves. Ow.

Then back into the main weight room for some more leg work. Went relatively light on the leg extension and leg curl machines. Basically just jumped back and forth for three cycles on those. Then a little bit of stretching and–done!

Back to the locker room for the steam/jacuzzi/sauna cycle; ahhhh! Shower and done there, too. I made sure and put some lubricating drops in my eyes after the PT and before hitting the steam, etc. Which reminds me, I ought to do that again… the good thing is that I’m past the stage where I have to put in the medicated drops, and my eyes don’t get gritty and burny like some people seem to get. I’m not even particularly light-sensitive either (though I always have been a bit, and retain that).

It has been problematic getting my workouts in with the way my work sched has been going. By the time I’ve been getting home, I’m either eating, or doing other stuff, and I don’t feel like getting it on with the PT. I’ve never really been a morning person; I typically get up around 0600-0630, and when I get up, usually the last thing I feel like doing is going down and crushing the workout. But maybe it’s time to start doing PT in the morning more often. We’ll see. I feel so good when I do it.


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Okay, call me crazy (everyone else does, anyway… 🙂 ), but after my ride all the way from work at Springfield, it was such a nice night that I went on a “cool-down” ride afterwards.

I did stop at the YMCA for a workout, so maybe that was the problem… Had a good little workout, then a jacuzzi (I wouldn’t call it a hot tub… not very hot) and a steam. I guess that pepped me up.

As I was heading home, I just kept going several miles out East on a well-traveled country road, then turned off on a small one that led to a four lane headed back West. A nice circle, on a nice night. Ah, bliss…

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So, I did make it back over to the Y, but was disappointed to find out that the hot tub was spewing cold–yes,cold water again. So I started up the steam room and hopped in there. At least I had the locker room to myself for a good 10-15 minutes while hanging out in the steam, until a couple of guys popped in.

After dehydrating for a while, I went into the hot tub again. It wasn’t spewing the cold water anymore, but it was overall still lukewarm-ish. Nonetheless, I got in there and enjoyed the jets, at least. I did need that.

The fronts of my thighs are a bit sore from the last two days, so they need somebody to walk on them–failing that, I guess the jets from the lukewarm-tub will have to do…

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This morning’s PT seemed to be pretty tough. I could tell I’d laid off of the kettlebells a little bit lately. After loosening up a bit, I went right into the Turkish Get Up with the 32 kg bell. Did a five minute round–whew! I made it no problem, but it was slow going–not just popping up and down.

Followed that with military presses first with the 24 kg, then with the 32 kg bell, sort of a ladder as prescribed by Art De Vany. Then I did front squats using the two kettlebells (of uneven sizes–24 and 32 kg). Followed up with a light deadlift with whatever I already had on the bar.

Then I eagerly shot over to the YMCA for a good soak and steam–but they were closed! Ack. I always forget that they don’t open until noon on Sundays. Grrrr. Oh, well. Guess I’m about to head over there now. See ya!

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Yeah, I’ve been forgetting to mention that they did, in fact, install towel hooks in a variety of *gasp* convenient places in the jacuzzi and steam room/sauna area of the locker room at the Y. Yay!

So, if you remember that I asked them to do that, you’ll know that they do, in fact, listen. Yay!

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I impressed a guy as we were getting out of the hot tub at the Y yesterday. What can I say–sometimes things just fall out that way…

I had had a decent little workout, short but with moderately heavy weights–just for the heck of it; I had had a much more intense, complete heavy workout with my bro up in DC on Saturday. So Sunday I hadn’t been thinking of doing anything at all, other than steam and jacuzzi.

But it’s hard to go to the gym and not hit some weights, so that’s what I did. Then went to the ‘cuzzi, of course. After I’d been in a while a dude came in and we started talking. He was a talkative fellow, and thought he had met me before–maybe so; I don’t wear my glasses in the wet parts of the locker room, so I couldn’t tell.

But it turns out he is the CEO of the local area YMCAs, and he goes to this one often, ‘coz he lives just down the road. So I told him how cool it was to have the jacuzzi and such, and as we were getting out to go do different stuff (I went to the steam room, I don’t know where he went–showers I suppose), I dropped a suggestion on him.

“More towel hooks,” says I. Which was perfectly timed, because there were none handy and he had his emplaced on the arm of a bench nearby. He looks around and says something like, “You’re absolutely right! We DO need some out here, and I’ll get them to put them in here in a couple of days.”

Which I thought was cool, though I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why I seem to be the only person who’s thought of this. I mean, even before the jacuzzi, there was a need for towel hooks over by the sauna and steam room. Ah, well… at least he wasn’t… (wait for it)–steamed–by some interloper interjecting his thoughts out of the blue like that.

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