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This morning’s session was a “no-intensity” day. Just did the “no intensity” yoga/Russian stretching session as from Scott Sonnon’s TACFIT Kettlebell. It’s probably my favorite no intensity/warm up routine to do.

I took a few weeks for a break from real intensity. As I posted below, I’ve recently started back up. My long range strategy is to follow a “heartbeat” sort of pattern, varying the intensity and duration of the sessions so that I have sort of a good bit of low level stuff and occasionally spiking up for intensity and/or duration.

That can be spun in a fractal pattern, where you have a session that is almost all intensity and/or duration (sort of the Tabata protocol), or one that is mostly low level with a couple of spikes in there.

You can can also spiral up such that you have a yearly pattern reflecting the same idea.

So much to play with. 🙂

Diet: Fasted since last evening.
Music: Pandora channel Paramahansa Yogananda Radio.


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Two more little PTs from this weekend to document. Both were late in the evening (1930 or later).


Similar to last Sunday’s, this was a simple kettlebell protocol using the 24 kg bell. After warming up with several minutes of loose striking on the heavy bag and floor movements, I did two sets of five minutes of relaxed kettlebell goodness.

First was a diagonal clean and twisted press combo, alternating sides every few reps for five minutes. Then on to swings, alternating hands for the single hand swings, and finishing off with two handed swings. Last minute or so was cool-down with salsa dance moves.

After that was an active meditation aikido style. This is helping stretch out my ankles nicely, as I sit in seiza as long as possible, then bowing (rei) to relieve the pressure for a tic before coming back to sit up.

Music: Pandora mix of Brazilian and samba, finishing with the Calm Meditation station.
Diet: Fasted since breakfast.


Started with qi gong breathing and movements. Then went into the TACFIT Kettlebell “No Effort” day yoga and stretching/recovery. Finished with more of the meditation similar to yesterday’s.

Music: Pandora Calm Meditation station.
Diet: Fasted since breakfast.

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Wednesday was a good SEAL Ultimate Aerobic Workout (see to the left), finishing up with a few diagonal clean + yaw (twisted) kettlebell presses each side (instead of going back upstairs and hitting the pull up bar again).

Shoulder was hurting a good bit, but surprise–using the 24 kg bell actually felt good after I got into the groove on the right side. Actually felt much better after working it. So–improvement! Yay! 🙂


Today, I also wanted to go relatively light, so I stayed with the 24 kilo bell. Pretty simple “man lifts rock” workout again, though with multiplanar twisting again (I think I like “twisted press” better than “yaw press,” so that’s mostly what I’ll refer to it from now on).

– 5 minutes, TGU (Turkish Get Ups), alternating sides (24 kg)
– 5 minutes, diagonal clean + twisted press, both sides (24 kg)
– 5 minutes, LCCJ (long cycle clean and jerk), both sides (24 kg)

– TACFIT Kettlebell Cooldown “yoga”

“Alternating sides” means that I would do one full cycle of the TGU (all the way up, then all the way back to the floor) then switch to do the other side.

By “both sides,” I mean that I would do several on one side, the switch and do the other side for the same amount of times, then switch back, etc.

For the TACFIT “yoga,” don’t be thinking some nice peaceful relaxing yoga studio stuff with cute girls in spandex. This is a fairly hard isometric workout that while it includes stretching, also includes pain, concentration, and a lot of sweat. It’s a workout in itself, and when I’m done with that, I’m laying on the deck in a big sweat soaked patch of carpet, just glad to be alive.

BUT–it’s good for you. I have a lot of hip mobility, but my shoulders, esp my right, are really pretty tight (darn you, “Double Handcuff!”). Then there’s static exercises like “Flying Boat,” which have you bow up, supported only on your pelvis–arms and shoulders back, legs up (for 60 seconds… whew!).

“King Pigeon” I really like, and I think it’s one of the things responsible for allowing me for the first time to sit in seiza tonight longer than 5 seconds. Really. First time in a least a couple years I wasn’t in extreme pain trying to sit Japanese-style–which is something I used to be able to do for hours at a time before. Before killing both of my knees and practically breaking my ankle.

I’ve been using my HIIT IT Pro Workout Timer Android app on my phone. Really handy, I tell you. Recommended. I think there’s probably one for iPhone, too.

Music: Pandora Yoga mix (Indian/Arabian ambient/electronica mix).
Diet: Higher carb day.

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