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This morning’s session was a “no-intensity” day. Just did the “no intensity” yoga/Russian stretching session as from Scott Sonnon’s TACFIT Kettlebell. It’s probably my favorite no intensity/warm up routine to do.

I took a few weeks for a break from real intensity. As I posted below, I’ve recently started back up. My long range strategy is to follow a “heartbeat” sort of pattern, varying the intensity and duration of the sessions so that I have sort of a good bit of low level stuff and occasionally spiking up for intensity and/or duration.

That can be spun in a fractal pattern, where you have a session that is almost all intensity and/or duration (sort of the Tabata protocol), or one that is mostly low level with a couple of spikes in there.

You can can also spiral up such that you have a yearly pattern reflecting the same idea.

So much to play with. πŸ™‚

Diet: Fasted since last evening.
Music: Pandora channel Paramahansa Yogananda Radio.


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Today’s little PT was simple but brutal. Total Tabata with kettlebells. Did it outside in the 800ΒΊF/1000% humidity for a little back-to-nature feeling.

Grabbed the middle bell (Wilson @ 24 kg) and using my Android app HIIT It Pro I had programmed for the Tabata protocol for 20 sec work/10 sec rest, proceeded to breathe hard and sweat. Started up with a couple sets of two handed swings, then alternated LCCJ back and forth a couple of times, back to two handed swings, LCCJs, back and forth until the four minute stretch (16 sets) was finally done. I know, a little four minute stretch sounds a bit wussy, but hey. Ya do what ya do.

Finished off with some of my qi gong and yoga work, then proceeded to get my dry stuff out of the laundry. Back to the real world, I guess… πŸ™‚

Diet: Evening fast.
Music: Pandora channel Paramahansa Yogananda Radio.

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Haven’t logged much in a little while. Been doing small, sporadic little workout sessions, mostly picking up the kettlebell for a few drills, some qi gong and yoga exercises, and a good longsword session.

Today, I went hardcore. A little strength, a litte METCON. A good bit of sweat. I think I needed it. I’d been feeling out of sorts for a couple of days–achy and a little bummed. Maybe an energy let-down after a high-e week where we let our excellent product at work loose.

In any case, today I started off with several minutes of double heavy bag striking. I like working with my two bags. Adds interesting tactics to my multiple striking options. Fun! πŸ™‚

I then did a variety of kettlebell movements, working a lot of different angles and areas. That led to an energetic six-minute kbell swing session. Using the 24 kg bell, I did both two-hand and single-hand swings, taking breaks to catch my breath.

Followed that up with 10 reps each side of the twisted press (24 kg kbell), then 5 or 10 each side of the two hands windmill, with the 24 kg bell on the high side of the windmill and the 32 kb bell on the low side.

Then I did one of my absolute favorite exercises, the long cycle clean and jerk (LCCJ). 10 each side, 24 kg kettlebell. For some more ab work, I used the 24 kg bell for 10 each side of the half Turkish Get Up.

And to cap it all off, I went back to the venerable two-handed swing, for five minutes with the 32 kg bell. Forearms were still there, but barely. Mostly smoked.

Breathing, stretching and light meditation to recover. Booyah.

Music: Pandora Loreena McKennitt station.
Diet: Fasted since breakast (eaten at lunch time).

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